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  1. What? No disgust at the piece of spoiled watermelon...? But there was exposition and everything! I was that watermelon.
  2. /me opened up the fridge to see if there were still any edible leftovers. Meeting the sight of a spoiled watermelon and a half eaten mango salad, and nothing more of note, the fridge door was shut quickly. The phone on the otherside of the room was considered, the pizza place was far enough that there was a 50-50 chance of a late one, but...going over to the freezer, the chilly air spilled into the room as the door was opened. Aha! Reaching a hand in and pulling out the paper-plastic tv-dinner tray, the light frost over the top obscured the writing, but nothing that couldn't cleared quickly by the swipe of a warm hand, "Chicken." Macaroni and cheese would have been prefered, but...meh. Shuting the freezer door and popping the dinner into the microwave for a few minutes, all that was left was to find the TV guide and that remote...
  3. /me looks down at the gift certificate I still have, which is supposed to be good to almost the end of June...
  4. Well, just had to take a snapshot for this...
  5. Kopoloko93 wrote: Hi guys, this is my first time in the forums. My account is about 3 years old, but collectively I'm only about a month experienced in the game. I'm finally looking for friends and a place to chill. Anyone have ideas? Heh, sounds like me. My account is currently more than four years old, and I've only just started playing a new account for almost two months before I remembered having this one. Hit me up with an IM whenever it strikes your fancy to do so.
  6. No gifts necessary! I'm more than a month in, but still nooberish. Hit me up with an IM whenever it strikes your fancy to do so!
  7. Oh, right, the noob thing...open the Chat feature along the bottom (if you're using the Second Life viewer) and then the start a new convo button. Type in who you intend to chat up...?
  8. Feel free to hit me up whenever it strikes your fancy to do so.
  9. I'll IM you in world tomorrow at an earlier time, as it's currently 3:05AM where I am, and I really should be getting some shut eye. If someone else steps up to the plate and offers to be a roommate, you can just forget about me and take up their offer.
  10. Feel free to shoot me an IM at anytime, then.
  11. Feel free to shoot me an IM at anytime, then.
  12. I'd be interested. Any specific rules, requirements, restrictions...?
  13. I might just have skipped one, if there is one, but I'm looking for a shuffle dance that has hands in the pocket of the dancer...or generally hands that are not as rigorous in movement as the rest of the body, perhaps even at the sides of the avatar. If there is anything even remotely near to, let me know of it.
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