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  1. Being able to do my own landscaping and all is the main reason that makes me want a whole homestead. I've rented a lot of places, and also "owned" a mainland plot, so the allure now is to create a whole homestead myself. A landscaped homestead would be "wasted on me" as I'd return everything to start over from scratch. If there were homesteads with "mandatory" landscaping provided which you couldn't return, I'd not rent one of those even if it was much cheaper than an "empty" homestead. But I've seen your ads, your images look pretty, and your rentals are certainly a good option for people who don't like to tinker around and just want to party or whatever on their homestead and not play God and move mountains, sculpt rivers, let forests grow overnight or play architect and place bridges and paths and ... too much fun for me to do to let someone else do it when I pay a small fortune for my virtual playground
  2. If you don't mind me asking, you do that because you want a whole region or homestead but don't need all the space and prims and so you sublet at your own cost, or are there other reasons? I'm curious :)
  3. @Alwin Alcott I guess ACS stands for Anshe Chung then, 16.7% is really big compared to the others. Is Richmond Land Management = RGF? I have seen all those names while looking but don't think I've come across "Richmond Land Management".
  4. Yes, I do realize those details - and in fact, I was also thinking about sharing a full sim instead with someone, but that has its own downsides again, so I think I'll settle for a homestead for now - but thank you for bringing it up!
  5. Right, I've checked out your link and there were so many listed that I'm wondering how that even can be a worthwhile business if they have so many empty homesteads but I guess it might work if they have good rates themselves.
  6. Thank you, yes, I checked a few websites already, unfortunately those often don't tell you the prices at all, or only weekly prices, and often not if you have to pay in SL or can pay via PayPal in $ or €, so I guess contacting is the only way to really find out, once I've narrowed it down. I'm a bit hesitant to contact real estate agents, even if it's virtual real estate agents 😅 but I guess I'll have to sooner or later.
  7. Same here, quickly in to post before I'll have to post in the "50 crowd, do you exist in sl" thread No, I don't care, I'd post there too, clock age is just a number. If anyone wants an almost 50 year old gal for company for pretty much anything other than poseballing, feel free to pm. It would probably work best if you're in Europe too, though. I'm flexible with weekdays but work during the day, Saturdays and often Sundays included. Also, I'm not clingy, so, no worries, if it doesn't feel like a good fit somehow, we can just stop (we can even have a rule "if one of us doesn't pm back to a 'Hi, what's up, feel like ... next Wednesday, or have any other idea?' within a reasonable time span, it's the sign to move on, no hard feelings, no awkward explanations or anything needed"). Or it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, who knows. (B̶e̶a̶t̶l̶e̶s̶ Casablanca music playing). But take a peek at my in-world profile before you pm, perhaps it tells you "Oh Gawd no" or "Hm, could work ", that would save us time
  8. Thanks everyone for the replies, and Stina for the detailed info, that's really helpful! ETA: I tried the tip with the land sales tab, that works nicely, I didn't have the idea to use land sales for looking for renting property before. It just listed 7 homesteads and all by the same landlord (not RFG) and all for 7000 rent and 1LS sales price, but I'll keep looking. It's nice that you can see the homestead names right away too. Not the major factor but if I can choose between different names for the same price, that's a plus.
  9. Oooh, but why would only European landlords pay VAT? Wouldn't everyone who runs that as a business IRL have to pay that, including Americans? I mean, I know there are different % of VAT throughout the American states but in Europe too. Okay, forget that, I just looked at a US map with the sales tax shown for each state, that's definitely a disadvantage for Europeans then.
  10. Thanks for the detailed answer! I see, I wasn't aware of some of those points, and you're right, that wouldn't be much fun, especially since I'd hope to pay monthly for a better rate. Why would a european landlord have to pay 20% higher fee, or do you mean currency conversion? I'm european myself, if I could pay a european landlord in euros instead of L$, that would be better then for both of us probably. I've seen two or three landlords that offer PayPal payment, so that should work, there was no price listed for full homesteads on their websites though. On the other hand, I guess the landlords who have grandfathered homesteads are mostly American. I don't think I'd need help from a landlord other than them to give me the necessary role/permissions to manage the homestead, I know what I want to do and I know how to do it. I'd like to not overpay for no good reason. I had hoped it might be cheaper if you rent long term and pay monthly, I'm just seeing weekly prices everywhere, which surprised me, seeing that probably people who rent a whole sim will want to use it long-term, hmm, I guess that's because people don't want to pay monthly then for fear of "ending up homeless" while having paid already. So I might need to do a bit more research but thanks again, at least now I know there actually could be reasons for higher prices and non-reasons too like the extra fast server talk.
  11. What is a reasonable price to rent a homestead? I've seen anything between 5400 and I think 7300 L$/week, that's a big difference per month over a year or more, so I think there might be a reason. Some people say their homestead is on extra fast servers or such but I'm not sure if that really means anything? And else, I can't really see differences, I know you can get full sims with either 20 000 or 30 000 prims but the prim amount you get for a homestead seems always 5 000, and the size is always the same too, and you get estate manager rights from everyone too when you rent the full homestead. Does it make sense to pay a minimum or medium price or even a high price because there are peaks I'm not aware of, or is it best to find the cheapest deal?
  12. Padfoot Prongs Moony Wormtail is missing on that list obviousy but it's 3 entries only, or? Also, probably nobody would pick that ... on second though, this is SL, so ...
  13. To me too. SL roleplay is open-ended, not a pre-scripted stage play, so cheating, or whatever else, for that matter, including character death, could occur at any time (pretty much like real life, actually, just that real life is less open-ended in so far that the player will, at least physically, certainly die in the end while a roleplay character might ride off into an eternal sunset). As long as it's clear from the get-go that it's roleplay, and you're not "shamelessly flirting" while chatting out of character with the character's player, there shouldn't be a big issue. However, I do think that many people identify with their characters and have vague boundaries, and just as you have people who get pissy with you, the player, when your character is being a jerk to their character, you also have people who'll fall in love with you, the player, when their character falls in love with yours. The default should be 'roleplay is roleplay' and it's not your problem if the other person can't handle that, but in practice, it's certainly best to do what you can to avoid such things happening, that is make your rules clear and don't play "seriously" with people you suspect have a different attitude. Having said all that, I do think some people do, and I also think it's perfectly fine to, go into roleplay to find love, but they should make sure to look for that love in the out of character interaction with a player, not in in-character interaction - and of course, there's always the danger of people just roleplaying out of character too, which makes it pretty risky to put one's heart and time into that. It's certainly possible to find love "through" roleplay but sl is a tricky slope for that, and to look for love "in" roleplay and project it to love out of roleplay with no signs of the other person wanting it, is unfair. If someone sets off your alarms and crosses your boundaries, it's probably best to not even go into it or get out of it a s a p. My idea is to go into both roleplay and the rest of sl without expectations and see what happens, but I'll avoid people I foresee too much trouble with, I wouldn't want to play with someone you describe. It's great that she was so open about it, though, like that you can both avoid issues by not engaging, and she can go on to hopefully find someone who is a good fit for what she wants. And I'm sure you can find people to roleplay with, even as romantic partner, from the start, too, who'll happily keep things in character, and even would enjoy roleplay with cheating included. Maybe SL should develop some kind of checkmark questionnaire for the profile to clearly indicate such things, in an easily skimmable way
  14. Ah, my kind of game. I haven't really played in a while. It seems there are either few sims left that stick around for longer than it takes to turn around to read the rules and lore, flesh out and dress up your character, fill out all those forms with points and turn back to start playing, or that their owners don't know or care to make them findable. Sims seemed to last longer some years back, or did my sense of time warp or something? I'll see if I can find the mentioned place and will check in on this thread for more suggestions.
  15. Of course, any closing and opening of role play sims needs to be acted out in character. ETA: Sorry if it wasn't clear by the smiley, above quote was just a joke, not an actual suggestion.
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