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  1. Going by another platform I'm on and their forums, maybe they don't want their support flooded with support tickets from all the people who somehow manage to breathe and keep track of the logins of their current active accounts, but don't have access to the mails they used for registration of either that or any other account, change their phone numbers like other people their socks, forget their security question's answer, don't have an ID, forget their own user name, their own rl name ... ūüėĀ

    They offer and I'm using 2FA there, though.

    It's a small sacrifice for more peace of mind. I don't want to lose money, also, hackers could, and actually do cause other kinds of havoc.

    I read often enough from people who got their accounts hacked to make it seem worth the effort of having to log in again after every windows update ;) The 2FA there claims you're logging in from a new device after every windows update or unexpected laptop shutdown, and such. But at least, that shows me it's active and works. If anyone reads the logs, they must be thinking everyone, or at least the Windows users, on that platform is super rich, having new devices all the time ūüėĄ

    It's a bit annoying, yes, and causes strain on your eyeballs from too much eye-rolling, but else, the additional few seconds will be worth it and probably take up less time than a compromised account would.

    A bit like taking out an insurance that you pay for with your time directly vs indirectly paying with your time through an insurance premium.

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  2. On 7/15/2021 at 4:19 PM, Eowyn Southmoor said:

    Surely that comes down simply to how quickly someone can type, and how quickly the person responding has worked out what they want to say and how to phrase it?

    I've RP'ed with people who posted great walls of text, and they've done it within 4 minutes, but I've also seen people take 4 minutes to type 7 words lol

    True, although, from experience, my guess is that in the latter case it often isn't that they can't type fast but are either at work, or in PMs, or play more than one character at the same time, either on the same rp region or even different ones, and don't seem to have a problem with letting others wait for their 7 words for four minutes...or longer... while I don't envy their attitude, I do their internet connection and computer specs, and workplace ūüėā


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  3. On 7/10/2021 at 2:32 AM, Nanuk Fyrewik said:

    Thing is, you won't ever forget those sims and will never visit them again, even after you're an 'acceptable' month old - much less donate any L$ to them. You'll make sure to let your friends who join you in SL know not to bother with those sims, too.

    I totally did (forget them, that is, and pethaps visit again, too), and even if I'd had any friends to tell in my first month ūüėÖ I doubt I would have thought it important enough to tell them, unless it would have come up in conversation anyway. However, I agree that SL, and SL residents should be more newcomer friendly. Also more friendly to anyone who's friendly, in general.

  4. I'd probably use the official viewer if it had an integrated animation override system like Firestorm has, because that's the reason I switched. I really like that feature, I have a very basic AO set for events and different ones for all of my roleplay characters, and one for my "me, exploring" character.

    Other viewers may have that too, but I can't be bothered to learn navigate a new one, unless someone would tell me about something mattering enough to me to switch again. I did try out others for a short while to see if one would improve performance, reduce lag noticeably, but I didn't see much if any difference.


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  5. I didn't mean anything like that, more ... technically. Difficult in the sense of my memory might not be the best anymore, and I probably can't remember what part of a character's posts my character now knows, and what not, maybe for one other character, or two, but not for many.

    Like, my character meets theirs again next week, and asks how their cat is doing, while they only emoted how distressed they are about their cat being sick without me being able to know that, unless my character is a mind-reader, while I think they said it out loud. This is just a harmless example, probably nothing that will change much in the bigger picture, but there can be things that will influence the role play more significantly.

    I try my best to remember, or I'll keep quiet or stay away, depending. On my side, l'll roll with whatever, if I posted thoughts and someone else reacted to them, I'll try to deal with it in a humorous way, or I'll ignore it, or whatever seems the best way for things to move on. Having fun is my primary objective. One of my first role play experiences in SL was being yelled at as a total newbie, because I did something that triggered someone badly, I posted like "Thera: I notice the man waving his hand and wave back." Turned out it was a cardinal sin to not post "Thera: /me notices the man waving his hand and waves back." Of course, I quickly noticed how most people post, and adapted. I also noticed quickly that some people are very serious about pretty much everything.

    In any case, it's not a big thing for me, this or that post length, this or that style, I just need to know (notecards, or website these days), or be told (preferably gently, without yelling), and I'll adapt. Just musing about where people who favour or have strict rules might come from. 

  6. I try to only post things like thoughts and feelings in a way that other characters could actually know or guess them,  but I usually also enjoy reading thoughts and such of people who post more like writing a common story, as long as the person gives me something to react to as well.

    If I'm the only one trying to find a way to react to them without meta gaming, and giving prompts, it can become a bit tedious.

    I imagine the reason that many people or roleplay region rules are categorically against emoting things that others couldn't know is because it can get difficult to keep in mind what your character knows about other characters, and what you only know as the puppeteer, and that it will probably lead to unintentional meta gaming, and maybe also to keep it at least para and not ultra para, so more people get a chance to post within their playtime.

    I like para roleplay a lot, but I also like fast-paced roleplay. It's a question of what better fits to the situation for me. Also I guess my own post length depends quite a bit on what kind of character I'm playing.

  7. I'm pretty shy too, and the only friends or something like friends I made here are or were through roleplay, a few but good ones I even got to know "for real".

    I mean actual roleplay in a setting, with lore and rules, and everything, on dedicated regions.

    IF that's something that could interest you, maybe try it, at the least it should be fun, and as the same people tend to go there often, you get to meet the same people and can spend the time that it takes to develop friendships with some if you get into a story.

    In my experience, you somehow usually end up chatting in personal messages with several people when you find a place you enjoy, there may be some people who are there strictly for roleplay but many for the social aspects too.

    There are many different genres, just type "roleplay fantasy" or "roleplay science fictions" or whatever in search and check out places.

    Enjoy your time, in any case :)

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  8. On 5/30/2021 at 7:55 PM, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Thus, the previous two usages of "remmy" really are just laziness or someone thinking it is "cool" to talk that way.


    Or maybe it was a test run by Vulcans to find out if we'd get it, and the diligent/uncool one was to not make it too difficult ... although, somehow, I have the feeling that every single person here got it, and would also have without that last usage, never mind if native speaker or not; aren't humans' brains wonderful things (sometimes).


    Wow, really. But I watched a fun video, and learned stuff ... about ... ellipses and such. A shame though that I'm on my phone and can't apply the ellipses space saving tidbit - but I've memorized it for future use! 

  9. On 5/30/2021 at 10:57 PM, LittleMe Jewell said:

    I'd only consider paying to attend if it was someone that I really liked a lot -- and depending on the price.

    Even then, I would only pay in L$, not via PayPal.  

    Same. If I'd go to an SL live event, or whatever other experience with a price tag, I'd want to pay in SL currency.

  10. 11 hours ago, xxVi3perxx said:

    I've only had people most of them bots come for like 10 seconds and then leave but then I have had a few people who would look around and not even talk to me when I greet them even in private IMS like last night I had 2 people come in I was right there in plain sight and they both decided to ignore my greeting message and private IMS and just left.

    Wow, that's weird, sorry to hear that. I always reply if I'm greeted while visiting a place, perhaps also compliment them on some aspect I like, in any case, the least thing I'll say is thank you if they already greet me.

    Well, I suppose you're better off not having those people there, even if it means you're alone, better to be alone than in bad company ^__^

  11. Littoralis makes very good points.

    Personally, I'd prefer a homestead SIM that's there to stay to a full SIM that will be gone because the owner can't really afford it, and while many prins are great, they are no good replacement for good roleplay.

    Unfortunately, the few homesteads I've been playing on during my time here, disappeared far too quickly as well, so a homestead doesn't necessarily mean it might be there for a longer time, which might else be an advantage.

    But generally, I fear many or most people who check out a new SIM don't even begin to consider playing there, when they see it's "just a homestead".

    Main reason might even be not the fewer prims and thus "less sparkle", but first and foremost the idea that the SIM won't take off anyway because it's "just a homestead" (vicious circle there), and then thoughts that even if it would take off, the number of concurrent avatars possible lowers chances to find someone among them that they click with, that if it's busy, they won't be able to get in, or lag so badly they'd give up anyway, and so on.

    Some of my thoughts,

    - A homestead probably is much more suited for regular RP with a group of friends if one is into that,

    - or else maybe it could work if you focus on providing a kind of rp niche that just enough people would like and isn't provided by bigger SIMs,

    - or you'd really need to stand out in some other way, like, idk,

    have an absolutely awesome lore,

    an ongoing story that purposely is made so new people can easily jump in at any point,

    be the only place that uses no huds or applications,

    have a published "schedule", so people could really be certain to find someone out in the open and ready to play, on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9pm, and on Sundays at 11am, a forum where people can make "rp appointments", ...

    things like that are what pops into my head spontaneously. 

    And to keep advertising in the RP groups, and in-world in RP hubs, at Fantasy Faire, maybe people are tempted if they see you stick around and active.

    Oh, and make sure people are able to find your place when they use in-world search for the right keywords, I've known quite a few places that weren't searchable, not sure if the owners just didn't care, or were not paying the fee lindens to appear in search, or that had some weird keywords, wasting space for things that probably would have worked better (but that's from my perspective, I might be wrong ^_^).

    I think you can also apply with your SIM to be listed in the official place directory for the relevant roleplay genre, but I don't know the conditions, maybe worth to find out, at least if you plan and have the means to keep your SIM open for the long run.

    Perhaps sharing (SIM rent, decorating, rules and lore set-up, advertising,  ...) with a friend or two if you have really good ones, might work well too, they might be more inspired and invested in making it work if they really are in it, I think it's a too big and too lonely thing to make a place work all on your own.

    Well, I hope maybe one or two ideas of the above will help. Good luck!

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  12. 17 hours ago, Bree Giffen said:

    This is why I suggested a central location where everyone arrives into SL regardless of where they logged out. This Nexus will create a crowd that makes people know they are in a large community. It will also impress new users who first arrive. You don’t have to stay at a Nexus since it’s just an entry point to the rest of SL. It’s a place where strangers meet without any purpose. A place for accidental meetings and serendipitous events. Where do we get things like that in SL? Nowhere. 

    I was torn between the ūüíď and ūüėĄ (in a good way) reaction.¬†

    I guess that many users wouldn't like this "forced login" for different (and understandabld reasons) but I definitely think it's too complicated for new or even casual users.

    The destination guide and in-world search with the option to sort for traffic goes in that direction, but maybe a bit too much to expect from overwhelmed new people to figure out.

    I imagine a function that pops up and asks something like "Hi, it's great you're here. What do you want to do today?"

    Then you get several options like "Take me to a club!" (Kind of club/music sub options for choice), "I want to roleplay!" (different genres for choice), "I want to see what SL artists are up to!", etc.

    And then, the avi would automatically be sent to the place of choice with currently the most users. 

    This might be too complicated technically, I don't know, but seeing the difference from starter avatars and duck walk from years ago to mesh heads with facial expressions and bento hand movements, I'd like to think it's possible.


    I've mostly done roleplaying, and I have the feeling it's the same there, "too big", meaning too many roleplaying sims of the same genre at any given time, competing against each other, instead of working together, which ultimately isn't good for either players or sim owners.

    Same as with Bellissaria, or main land, all the "hopping around" is counterproductive to avis accumulating at one spot.


    In roleplay, you can often see this phenomenon when people in chat go "Oh no, this sim closed? But it was so lovely, I used to be there so often! Why did it close?" Well, it closed because you, and many others, *used to be* there often but hopped away to check out the next big thing with potentially greener grass, and the owners eventually saw no sense in keeping it open just for themselves, or couldn't afford it anymore because you rented elsewhere.


    I took a long break myself because the real life death of my best SL friend who had been very ill over the last years made it too hurtful, but recently, I've been logging in again, and got a house in Bellissaria first, but eventually bought a mainland plot again. 

    There weren't and aren't many people around, at least not when I was or am logged in, and I didn't succeed in finding a roleplay sim that is a good fit for me yet either. Those, too, have become more complicated, or let's say complex, you often need to join some site off-world, apply, allocate skill points, and so on, before you can even start to play a bit to see if you can get along with the people, whereas in the past, you could simply start playing (after reading the rules, sure), or at least could apply in-world. There are even huds now that require you to register and input your info on whatever website.

    All those things probably don't help with retaining especially new people. 

    Myself, having been in SL for a long time, I know how to find people if I want to (like others here in this topic, I don't really want to socialize in my "private home" much (although I'd be thrilled if a neighbor or someone on mainland exploration would actually come by for tea).

    For new people, though, I imagine it's probably pretty hard. And I too have the impression that SL people, as a whole, are less friendly and contact-friendly than they used to be. Even many profiles more or less seem to scream "go away, especially if your other avatar isn't already in SL for a hundred years like mine, if you're not meshed out, etc.). Maybe many have become jaded, or simply have too many people on their friends list already to really care or want to spend time with new people, but with how steep the learning curve for simply making your avatar as nice as those in the ads look has become, it must be really difficult to figure all of that out on your own, and even if you're willing to spend the time and try to learn how to through forum or dedicated websites, it might be hard for many people to throw money at it without even really knowing if there are enough other people "out there" to find their own circle and make it worthwhile.


    Sorry, this got much longer than intended, I hope it wasn't too boring to read if you got this far :) I enjoyed reading the topic, and the different standpoints, forum reading always makes me look at things in a more positive light, and makes me want to spend more time in-world again!

    Maybe it would be a good thing to pitch the forum to people logging in to make them (more) aware of its existence, perhaps a pop-up with the "hottest topics" with posting date, so it's clear immediately that it's active. 


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  13. Being able to do my own landscaping and all is the main reason that makes me want a whole homestead. I've rented a lot of places, and also "owned" a mainland plot, so the allure now is to create a whole homestead myself. A landscaped homestead would be "wasted on me" as I'd return everything to start over from scratch. If there were homesteads with "mandatory" landscaping provided which you couldn't return, I'd not rent one of those even if it was much cheaper than an "empty" homestead. 

    But I've seen your ads, your images look pretty, and your rentals are certainly a good option for people who don't like to tinker around and just want to party or whatever on their homestead and not play God and move mountains, sculpt rivers, let forests grow overnight or play architect and place bridges and paths and ... too much fun for me to do to let someone else do it when I pay a small fortune for my virtual playground :) 

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  14. On 1/29/2020 at 5:39 PM, Garnet Psaltery said:

    Where do you get that from?  There are people like myself who let out land at no profit simply for convenience.

    If you don't mind me asking, you do that because you want a whole region or homestead but don't need all the space and prims and so you sublet at your own cost, or are there other reasons? I'm curious :)

  15. Thank you, yes, I checked a few websites already, unfortunately those often don't tell you the prices at all, or only weekly prices, and often not if you have to pay in SL or can pay via PayPal in $ or ‚ā¨, so I guess contacting is the only way to really find out, once I've narrowed it down.¬†I'm a bit hesitant to contact real estate agents, even if it's virtual real estate agents¬†ūüėÖ¬†but I guess I'll have to sooner or later.

  16. On 12/3/2019 at 8:11 PM, Conall DeCuir said:

    Another 40+ year old here, though i can upgrade soon. The clock is ticking 


    Same here, quickly in to post before I'll have to post in the "50 crowd, do you exist in sl" thread ;) No, I don't care, I'd post there too, clock age is just a number. 



    If anyone wants an almost 50 year old gal¬†for company¬†for pretty much anything other than poseballing, feel free to pm. It would probably work best if you're in Europe too, though. I'm flexible with weekdays but work during the day, Saturdays and often Sundays included. Also, I'm not clingy, so, no worries, if it doesn't feel like a good fit somehow, we can just stop (we can even have a rule "if one of us doesn't pm back to a 'Hi, what's up, feel like ... next Wednesday, or have any other idea?'¬†within a reasonable time span, it's the sign to move on, no¬† hard feelings, no awkward explanations or anything needed"). Or it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, who knows.¬†(BŐ∂eŐ∂aŐ∂tŐ∂lŐ∂eŐ∂sŐ∂ Casablanca music playing).

    But take a peek at my in-world profile before you pm, perhaps it tells you "Oh Gawd no" or "Hm, could work :)", that would save us time :P

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  17. Thanks everyone for the replies, and Stina for the detailed info, that's really helpful!


    ETA: I tried the tip with the land sales tab, that works nicely, I didn't have the idea to use land sales for looking for renting property before. It just listed 7 homesteads and all by the same landlord (not RFG) and all for 7000 rent and 1LS sales price, but I'll keep looking. It's nice that you can see the homestead names right away too. Not the major factor but if I can choose between different names for the same price, that's a plus.

  18. Oooh, but why would only European landlords pay VAT? Wouldn't everyone who runs that as a business IRL have to pay that, including Americans? I mean, I know there are different % of VAT throughout the American states but in Europe too. 

    Okay, forget that, I just looked at a US map with the sales tax shown for each state, that's definitely a disadvantage for Europeans then.

  19. Thanks for the detailed answer! I see, I wasn't aware of some of those points, and you're right, that wouldn't be much fun, especially since I'd hope to pay monthly for a better rate. 

    Why would a european landlord have to pay 20% higher fee, or do you mean currency conversion? I'm european myself, if I could pay a european landlord in euros instead of L$, that would be better then for both of us probably. I've seen two or three landlords that offer PayPal payment, so that should work, there was no price listed for full homesteads on their websites though. On the other hand, I guess the landlords who have grandfathered homesteads are mostly American.

    I don't think I'd need help from a landlord other than them to give me the necessary role/permissions to manage the homestead, I know what I want to do and I know how to do it. I'd like to not overpay for no good reason. I had hoped it might be cheaper if you rent long term and pay monthly, I'm just seeing weekly prices everywhere, which surprised me, seeing that probably people who rent a whole sim will want to use it long-term, hmm, I guess that's because people don't want to pay monthly then for fear of "ending up homeless" while having paid already. 

    So I might need to do a bit more research but thanks again, at least now I know there actually could be reasons for higher prices and non-reasons too like the extra fast server talk.

  20. What is a reasonable price to rent a homestead? I've seen anything between 5400 and I think 7300 L$/week, that's a big difference per month over a year or more, so I think there might be a reason. Some people say their homestead is on extra fast servers or such but I'm not sure if that really means anything?

    And else, I can't really see differences, I know you can get full sims with either 20 000 or 30 000 prims but the prim amount you get for a homestead seems always 5 000, and the size is always the same too, and you get estate manager rights from everyone too when you rent the full homestead.

    Does it make sense to pay a minimum or medium price or even a high price because there are peaks I'm not aware of, or is it best to find the cheapest deal?

  21. 16 hours ago, Frank Ziplon said:

    To me, even if character's are romantically involved, there should be no expectation that cheating should not occur.

    To me too. SL roleplay is open-ended, not a pre-scripted stage play, so cheating, or whatever else, for that matter, including character death, could occur at any time (pretty much like real life, actually, just that real life is less open-ended in so far that the player will, at least physically, certainly die in the end while a roleplay character might ride off into an eternal sunset). 

    As long as it's clear from the get-go that it's roleplay, and you're not "shamelessly flirting" while chatting out of character with the character's player, there shouldn't be a big issue.

    However, I do think that many people identify with their characters and have vague boundaries, and just as you have people who get pissy with you, the player, when your character is being a jerk to their character, you also have people who'll fall in love with you, the player, when their character falls in love with yours. 

    The default should be 'roleplay is roleplay' and it's not your problem if the other person can't handle that, but in practice, it's certainly best to do what you can to avoid such things happening, that is make your rules clear and don't play "seriously" with people you suspect have a different attitude.

    Having said all that, I do think some people do, and I also think it's perfectly fine to, go into roleplay to find love, but they should make sure to look for that love in the out of character interaction with a player, not in in-character interaction - and of course, there's always the danger of people just roleplaying out of character too, which makes it pretty risky to put one's heart and time into that. It's certainly possible to find love "through" roleplay but sl is a tricky slope for that, and to look for love "in" roleplay and project it to love out of roleplay with no signs of the other person wanting it, is unfair.

    If someone sets off your alarms and crosses your boundaries, it's probably best to not even go into it or get out of it a s a p.

    My idea is to go into both roleplay and the rest of sl without expectations and see what happens, but I'll avoid people I foresee too much trouble with, I wouldn't want to play with someone you describe. 

    It's great that she was so open about it, though, like that you can both avoid issues by not engaging, and she can go on to hopefully find someone who is a good fit for what she wants.

    And I'm sure you can find people to roleplay with, even as romantic partner, from the start, too, who'll happily keep things in character, and even would enjoy roleplay with cheating included.

    Maybe SL should develop some kind of checkmark questionnaire for the profile to clearly indicate such things, in an easily skimmable way ;)

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