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  1. I didn't mean anything like that, more ... technically. Difficult in the sense of my memory might not be the best anymore, and I probably can't remember what part of a character's posts my character now knows, and what not, maybe for one other character, or two, but not for many. Like, my character meets theirs again next week, and asks how their cat is doing, while they only emoted how distressed they are about their cat being sick without me being able to know that, unless my character is a mind-reader, while I think they said it out loud. This is just a harmless example, probably nothi
  2. I try to only post things like thoughts and feelings in a way that other characters could actually know or guess them, but I usually also enjoy reading thoughts and such of people who post more like writing a common story, as long as the person gives me something to react to as well. If I'm the only one trying to find a way to react to them without meta gaming, and giving prompts, it can become a bit tedious. I imagine the reason that many people or roleplay region rules are categorically against emoting things that others couldn't know is because it can get difficult to keep in min
  3. I'm pretty shy too, and the only friends or something like friends I made here are or were through roleplay, a few but good ones I even got to know "for real". I mean actual roleplay in a setting, with lore and rules, and everything, on dedicated regions. IF that's something that could interest you, maybe try it, at the least it should be fun, and as the same people tend to go there often, you get to meet the same people and can spend the time that it takes to develop friendships with some if you get into a story. In my experience, you somehow usually end up chatting in personal
  4. Or maybe it was a test run by Vulcans to find out if we'd get it, and the diligent/uncool one was to not make it too difficult ... although, somehow, I have the feeling that every single person here got it, and would also have without that last usage, never mind if native speaker or not; aren't humans' brains wonderful things (sometimes). Wow, really. But I watched a fun video, and learned stuff ... about ... ellipses and such. A shame though that I'm on my phone and can't apply the ellipses space saving tidbit - but I've memorized it for future use!
  5. Same. If I'd go to an SL live event, or whatever other experience with a price tag, I'd want to pay in SL currency.
  6. Wow, that's weird, sorry to hear that. I always reply if I'm greeted while visiting a place, perhaps also compliment them on some aspect I like, in any case, the least thing I'll say is thank you if they already greet me. Well, I suppose you're better off not having those people there, even if it means you're alone, better to be alone than in bad company ^__^
  7. Littoralis makes very good points. Personally, I'd prefer a homestead SIM that's there to stay to a full SIM that will be gone because the owner can't really afford it, and while many prins are great, they are no good replacement for good roleplay. Unfortunately, the few homesteads I've been playing on during my time here, disappeared far too quickly as well, so a homestead doesn't necessarily mean it might be there for a longer time, which might else be an advantage. But generally, I fear many or most people who check out a new SIM don't even begin to consider playing there, wh
  8. I was torn between the 💓 and 😄 (in a good way) reaction. I guess that many users wouldn't like this "forced login" for different (and understandabld reasons) but I definitely think it's too complicated for new or even casual users. The destination guide and in-world search with the option to sort for traffic goes in that direction, but maybe a bit too much to expect from overwhelmed new people to figure out. I imagine a function that pops up and asks something like "Hi, it's great you're here. What do you want to do today?" Then you get several options like "Take me to a c
  9. Being able to do my own landscaping and all is the main reason that makes me want a whole homestead. I've rented a lot of places, and also "owned" a mainland plot, so the allure now is to create a whole homestead myself. A landscaped homestead would be "wasted on me" as I'd return everything to start over from scratch. If there were homesteads with "mandatory" landscaping provided which you couldn't return, I'd not rent one of those even if it was much cheaper than an "empty" homestead. But I've seen your ads, your images look pretty, and your rentals are certainly a good option for peop
  10. If you don't mind me asking, you do that because you want a whole region or homestead but don't need all the space and prims and so you sublet at your own cost, or are there other reasons? I'm curious :)
  11. @Alwin Alcott I guess ACS stands for Anshe Chung then, 16.7% is really big compared to the others. Is Richmond Land Management = RGF? I have seen all those names while looking but don't think I've come across "Richmond Land Management".
  12. Yes, I do realize those details - and in fact, I was also thinking about sharing a full sim instead with someone, but that has its own downsides again, so I think I'll settle for a homestead for now - but thank you for bringing it up!
  13. Right, I've checked out your link and there were so many listed that I'm wondering how that even can be a worthwhile business if they have so many empty homesteads but I guess it might work if they have good rates themselves.
  14. Thank you, yes, I checked a few websites already, unfortunately those often don't tell you the prices at all, or only weekly prices, and often not if you have to pay in SL or can pay via PayPal in $ or €, so I guess contacting is the only way to really find out, once I've narrowed it down. I'm a bit hesitant to contact real estate agents, even if it's virtual real estate agents 😅 but I guess I'll have to sooner or later.
  15. Same here, quickly in to post before I'll have to post in the "50 crowd, do you exist in sl" thread No, I don't care, I'd post there too, clock age is just a number. If anyone wants an almost 50 year old gal for company for pretty much anything other than poseballing, feel free to pm. It would probably work best if you're in Europe too, though. I'm flexible with weekdays but work during the day, Saturdays and often Sundays included. Also, I'm not clingy, so, no worries, if it doesn't feel like a good fit somehow, we can just stop (we can even have a rule "if one of us does
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