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  1. Hello all. First of all sorry for my bad english. Iam looking for some place to FREE rez my boat (a bit huge one - 28m 380 prim (Li) yacht from BBX) and drive it, moor, walk around, get back, drive and at the end i "take" it back to my inv. If I can left the boat there FOR FREE, its will be great, but it is not necessarry.. I just want to FREE rez and drive, with luck also temporary moor and walk around. Of course nice land/city/theme around is very welcome. Just drive on free ocean is not much important option Is there some place like this? I spend much time looking by myself, but have no luck. Some nice marinas are there, but only for pay and moor system, not for free rez and drive... When I furtunatelly done rez and start drive, it kick me in minute or two. Please help me find some nice place. Thanks much. PS: I know this is an really old theme, but I hope when I add new reply, its "jump" front/top.
  2. Hi. Iam looking for a modell job I have nice avie, and can spend many hours in SL between midnight and morning (SL time). Take a look to my profile and if you interested just IM me in SL. This reply is for all who look for modells Thanks Michelle
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