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  1. hi all, my alt got a house in Edgar, corner plot. It will be abandoned in about 2 minutes... good luck!
  2. i hope the next release tomorrow is pearlcoast! The houseboats there are nice .... my alt is looking lol
  3. Lindens adding regions in the south again - the region where the wuffelhouse is located on their building continent has now arrived.
  4. I hope the moles plant trees around it ... I would rather not want to look at this from my backyard or houseboat deck ... o.O.
  5. hi Leora, you don't have to use them all - the most prims you need for the animated fridge with 10 prims. The cabinets, the center piece (greatly animated) and stove are low prim (1-3). The sink has 5 prims. Most of the kitchen clutter is 1 prim. The shelves have 3 and 5prims. The whole kitchen is modular and easy to place - i don't have everything out in my boat which is in the complete box. My version of the kitchen has 28 prims alltogether (plus some more little things from other creators, like the radio). Everything you see here and on MP is in the box! Therefore 51 for all of it.
  6. I bought recently a dark wooden kitchen with loads of animations (pg, but also adult available), used it in my houseboat - but its more than 1000 linden, maybe you want to check it out though: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DRD-Rustic-Kitchen-Set-PG/11894433
  7. Found something new - some sims below the working area - and already partly in the works. These photos are from SSPE230 (down south on the map, where the "eye" had some missing sims) - also "parcels size greater than 1024 parcels".
  8. Hi Fritigern, this could be very well happen ... but isn't this area on SSP185 way bigger than the Würffelhouse - so what else could go there too? Questions over questions ... only the moles and the Lindens know, hehe.
  9. Hi @PrudenceAnton, visited your Blues Cafe this afternoon - so beautiful! Lot's of atmosphere there - hopefully there be soon a DJ spinning the Blues - waiting for it to happen! Our very own Belli Blues! Btw stole the stream for my home, lol ... its a great mix, hope, that's ok
  10. Finished decorating the Evening Star now - have to share
  11. What if SSP84 in the working area gets copied in SSPE185? And the next bigger release is in preparation? Hmmmmm ..
  12. But that was after the "Meet Patch Linden" talk at SL16B .. not sure if this was just an exception.
  13. oops never mind ... found it already earlier here in this thread being noticed ...
  14. Every now and then i look also on the older building area of the SSP regions ... found this spot there - wonder what it could be?
  15. Angel, a heads up for your design of one of the elder linden homes, looks amazing! And yes the new ones are on high demand, not often available and if, only with refreshing the LH home page. Look here for official reference: The New Linden Homes Update Post By Patch Linden, April 18 in Linden Homes on the forum are several threads about how to claim still and though the high demand a home ... some are abandoned at all times and we have Monday, Wednesday and Friday at random West coast times releases of a region with homes .. bigger releases will be announced by Patch Linden.
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