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  1. edited and removed because accidently double posted ( and even old stuff it seems)
  2. Today i discovered the Winter lights and the snow roof in the newly updated Content pack - lots of prims to put out but it looks lovely! Thanks for those add-ons to Patch and LL! BUT, i felt like decorating for winter now and put out some snow pads, along with iced trees and bushes. Now i am unsure if i over did it or if its ok to do - also if its too early ( it is now about 4 weeks to go till Christmas). Overdid i? Or it's maybe still to early? The winter lights snapped perfectly in place at my Alderley after i put them nearly in place already.
  3. Ok, looked at his profile again .. this is one of the two groups which are showing in his profile Ivory Tower of Prims is the land group for The Ivory Tower Library of Primitives (ITLP), Building Tutorials & Sandbox • Contact Avi Arrow regarding the Ivory Tower or this group • For Support & Discussion use group Ivory Tower Library The Ivory Tower Library of Primitives was created by Ryan Linden It says also in "about" he is working on High Fidelity (and not the founder). Calling it a night now - thanks for your answers
  4. It was his second life name, not his display name .. and he was also member of a group a Linden founded ... forgot the name of the group. So probably was really Philip Rosedale. Saw him at Smokestack Lightning, a blue club. His profile said also he is founder of High Fidelity grid. I just wondering why this account was so young .. not even 7 years old. Hmmm..
  5. Hi everyone ... i would like to verify if an avatar named Philip Rosedale (about 6years+ old) is the real Philip Rosedale - his profile said he is the founder of High Fidelity (which would be true if its him). Can anyone give me a hint if he's just a fake avatar or if it could be true? I imed him but he did not answer. Thanks in advance for responses
  6. Monitoring - Our engineers have implemented a fix, and we're seeing the grid start to recover. We're continuing to monitor the situation. Oct 27, 18:01 PDT Sum could get in now .... seems issues have been fixed so far, yayyyy! Bed time for me now, lol.
  7. My alt could just get in too, just not Sum - nada... I am in Germany. Seems it doesn't matter which timezone you are in.
  8. hi all, my alt got a house in Edgar, corner plot. It will be abandoned in about 2 minutes... good luck!
  9. i hope the next release tomorrow is pearlcoast! The houseboats there are nice .... my alt is looking lol
  10. Lindens adding regions in the south again - the region where the wuffelhouse is located on their building continent has now arrived.
  11. I hope the moles plant trees around it ... I would rather not want to look at this from my backyard or houseboat deck ... o.O.
  12. hi Leora, you don't have to use them all - the most prims you need for the animated fridge with 10 prims. The cabinets, the center piece (greatly animated) and stove are low prim (1-3). The sink has 5 prims. Most of the kitchen clutter is 1 prim. The shelves have 3 and 5prims. The whole kitchen is modular and easy to place - i don't have everything out in my boat which is in the complete box. My version of the kitchen has 28 prims alltogether (plus some more little things from other creators, like the radio). Everything you see here and on MP is in the box! Therefore 51 for all of it.
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