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  1. What if SSP84 in the working area gets copied in SSPE185? And the next bigger release is in preparation? Hmmmmm ..
  2. But that was after the "Meet Patch Linden" talk at SL16B .. not sure if this was just an exception.
  3. oops never mind ... found it already earlier here in this thread being noticed ...
  4. Every now and then i look also on the older building area of the SSP regions ... found this spot there - wonder what it could be?
  5. Angel, a heads up for your design of one of the elder linden homes, looks amazing! And yes the new ones are on high demand, not often available and if, only with refreshing the LH home page. Look here for official reference: The New Linden Homes Update Post By Patch Linden, April 18 in Linden Homes on the forum are several threads about how to claim still and though the high demand a home ... some are abandoned at all times and we have Monday, Wednesday and Friday at random West coast times releases of a region with homes .. bigger releases will be announced by Patch Linden.
  6. We can't know which has to happen behind the scenery to release a region to the residents .. there might be a lot more involved to a new release than the moles do for making it pretty, thanks to their great work at this point again
  7. Lol are you from germany or know germans? Just had to chuckle on this ...
  8. @Digit Gears That's my first concern, talking of risky. "Tilia may on occasion need to interrupt the Tilia Service with or without prior notice. You agree that Tilia will not be liable for any interruption of the Tilia Service (whether intentional or not), and you understand that except as may otherwise be specifically provided in these Terms, you will not be entitled to any refunds of fees or other compensation for interruption of the Tilia Service. Likewise, you agree that in the event of data loss, we will not be liable for any purported damage or harm arising therefrom. " This my second ... if something happened, like my SL account gets hacked and i store US$ on my account, i could lose them, same if the servers of Tilia gets hacked, and then even my personal info could be affected too. That's why i talk about risky! Just saw LL' second answer, thanks for communicating! Would be good to have some answers to security questions also
  9. Very sad to hear and read about this all, was going my way all through the forum posts here tonight. Thanks everyone for discussing and explaining! It was so confusing at first! Also to LL to clarify some points. But i am still not happy about this at all.. i made an alt premium because of the LL homes and i added to both accounts a year more with the old fee. Thanks for that chance, LL! Still, with this switch of TOS i am so not happy, feeling sort of cheated. First got seduced and then a kick in the butt! Since i do not cash out it affects me not much, but why force your customers this way into such a risky adventure like Tilia is! I have lots of friends who are little creators, DJs and other folks who cash out small amounts of money to make their RL a bit better. Just spoils the positive emotions i got recently towards the Lindens
  10. Meanwhile more SSP's getting named ..i was flying around there, names like Smokey, Raccoon Run, Bellaterra, Bandit ...
  11. I never considered to live on mainland ... for two reasons: - Either it was an too ugly surrounding, with no water or any nice view around, and still costs lindens to buy it (not the usual fee by LL). Not to mention the banlines! - Or it was acceptable, even pretty. but costs 70.000 - 100.000 (and more L$ at times) to buy. That i can't and don't want to afford. Therefore i always rented on private estates till the new linden homes came out. A friend pointed me out that they are soon to be released. So happy now!!! If mainland ever would look nicer, bit more like Bellisseria and the costs to buy land were not that high, count me in! But not the way how it is now.
  12. i am looking at the new regions, the first row done. Can't see that any house is taken yet.
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