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  1. Friday night i got the almost perfect camper right before bed. First time i furnitured and decorated one! It's lovely to sit and do a BBQ there Took long time for me but now i get that camper feeling!
  2. Thank you @Quartz Molefor being here during the holidays observing and give a helping hand to all who needed it 🙂 Happy New Year 2021 to you!
  3. After a few days of decorating and adding pergola, safety railings and so on - here is my Tortuga: Patio Living room At the fireplace Office Entry Kitchen Dining spot My entry "stopper" aka room divider (sorry, gone wrong at first, edited the post just now)
  4. One of my not so close neighbours (next to my neighbour, thankfully) rezzed 3 full bright poles, a huge DJ booth (ofc full bright) and a disco light with moving lights on their deck .. well yeah .. sighs. Some full bright cuddle/whatever scripted furniture to it. Be it so! Derendered and blocked that stuff. I hope the surrounding settles, because i love my lil spot in Stilt land now
  5. You can rerez your house with the house controller but wait at least 30 seconds before you operate your house. Best is longer. Or rez another style then yours again. but slowwwwly. If it's still borked file a ticket to SL support
  6. I am very impressed as well! Thank you Patch and all other lindens involved and also the busy Moles for this Stiltmas gift! I am so happy with my new house on sticks on Sundae Afternoon.. in an area so well designed! All your work and stress over the last week made it possible.. i hope,that you all will have a very merry Christmas and happy Holidays and your well deserved rest :)) Thank you for that!
  7. In the hope the stilts come out today or at least before Christmas i will release this nice houseboat back in the pool. It's special but i can't get the right home feel. It's located on the old pickle near the party spot: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tight Harbor/149/70/18 Releasing it at 8am slt
  8. Good to have you back, Fay! I was wondering what happened to you ... 🙂
  9. While waiting for the Stilts to come out i got clicky last week - caught this houseboat on a special spot - leaning one side to sand and rocks, behind it sand and rocks as well and to the other side open water .. if i put up draw distance really high i can see the party spot on the pickle. And to the last side - sunset view! This feels so right to me - not like a hen on a rack anymore lol. So i will pass on the stilts for now ... maybe try for them them in a while, not sure. Very happy now
  10. A lot lovely abandons swimming by atm on the landpage.. got a cute houseboat on Tight Harbour which i may release again before the Stilts come out... yay! Keeping it posted!
  11. And mine - if i should get lucky - keep all the stilts lol!
  12. Its visible on the world map if you are online - region turns red
  13. I am thinking the same - first of moving towards the stilts flickr photo from Patch today, we had often three ones from them before a new theme would be released, if i remember right. Tomorrow there might be uplift day again, region restarts etc. I vote for Wednesday and its just a guess... can't wait though!
  14. Wow, Trad, Log Cabin, Camper and Vic on the homepage now! Just for the records ... Edit: just Log homes now - there a release? Edit #2: still log homes on the Land page .. must be a release but can't identify the region. Maybe the experts here can tomorrow!
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