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  1. Yes, that is at the very end all we can do. Just hope Second Life as it is now thrives also under the new bosses. If not .. byeee (wiping off tears) and time to get creative elsewhere. Not a bad thing may be!
  2. May be the investors bought not only SL as it's whole but also user's personally data? In some cases RL name, age, adress, E-mail account? Seems to be worth of lot of bucks nowadays....
  3. Oh yes ... those romantic willows and roses... sunset is a must .. and hard to get!
  4. They are ....! Both are awesome regions to live on.
  5. Its looking like a post box for the victorians ... cheers back at you Look below, thats the one for the Vics!
  6. Jumping! My alt got a super nice Victorian on the Sea towards West ... wow!!!!! Hugging the person who released that one on Blackwell! Now i have a challenge to decorate - beside my woodsy cabin. Woot!
  7. Just released this cabin on Lost Cow http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost Cow/129/225/60 Not in maintenance anymore, get fingers ready! Edit: Still in maintenance .. so look out!
  8. First time since months i see Meadowbrook shining on the landpage .. ouch!
  9. Releasing this nice trad on Oldridge later today - about noonish SLT: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oldridge/223/60/24
  10. glad you got this jewel
  11. Sighs ... it was mine on my alt which i had to downgrade .. i was happy someone who treasured it got it! Still mourning about it. And now someone who not even use the Grand View with big windows to the water/sunset has it! Well, i will still keep an eye out for this Harvest Market lot, it's my dream home. Maybe i can get it some day for Sum .. 🙂 I am glad you got another great parcel!
  12. So pretty homes, thank you Laurelrose I got your message inworld!
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