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  1. Project Blackpink Tribute Concert to KPop Group Blackpink Sunday, May 23rd 4:40 PM SLT @Sci-Fi Con http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost Colony/205/93/149 Come join us to show your love for Blackpink! Charity event Relay For Life.
  2. Project Blackpink First tribute concert to Kpop group Blackpink here in SL! Saturday, April 24th 5:00PM SLT @Real Rockstars Beach http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alyssum Island/33/99/21
  3. Looking for 2 more people to act as reserves for a tribute concert group. 💗 The main job would be to act as fill-ins whenever the main members are not able to be online for concerts. Please note: we get paid in donations & avatar help/funds. For details msg/IM me!
  4. Looking for someone to help script with animations using the synchronized dance pad-type things. 🤔
  5. I'm looking for someone to work with me in building a stage for a k-pop concert show. Preferably someone who can work with mesh. If you know where to get props for a stage or can build those too would be a bonus. Must be able to showcase some of the works you do before I decide if we would work well together. Details message me or IM inworld MaroBear. Thanks!
  6. Blackpink's Rosé has just been filled! We need someone to play as Jennie and we can start planning SL Blackpink Concerts! ❤️ Contact meeee please Thank you for everyone who joined so far~
  7. Just an update! Blackpink's Jisoo role has been taken! Needed: Jennie and Rosé Need just 2 more people to fill the roles in order to have a Blackpink concert here in SecondLife! Contact meeee please
  8. I need 1-3 people to help me with a Vocaloid concert project. ❤️ 2 people to dress as anime styled Vocaloids to perform for future concerts we have. ⭐ 1 person to manage a stream/playlist we could use to play our music in-world, as something like a DJ does. (Really in need!) (Could be a performer too) Paid in tips/donations only (ocasionally from me also) when we have concerts in the future. Please know what Vocaloid is before contacting. This relates back to my earlier post at:
  9. "In your area!" Bringing K-POP group Blackpink to SecondLife! We are a new team looking for people who can play as the real-life members of Blackpink here in Second Life. It will be like a tribute band here in SL. This includes dressing up our avatars to look like the members of Blackpink as close as possible. Our goal is to preform concerts for people in SL. We will dress our avatars and using animations to dance on stage for audience. Needed: Blackpink member Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo. ❤️ (Lisa has been chosen already) Possibly someone who has their own stream to
  10. I've posted this in the Roleplay forum as well, but decided to go a bit further with the idea. Note this band will be getting paid in tips/donations when we have our concerts only, so it will take awhile to get "paid" It's more for those who have a passion for vocaloid/anime :3 (I can help out a bit buying things for your avatar if needed.) Must be open to different music genres. IA Project Vocaloid group in need of band members + helpers! 🥰 This group is for promoting mainly Vocaloid Ia for future concerts. Vocaloid and anime lovers are welcome to join too. We are a
  11. IA Project Vocaloid group in need of band members + helpers! 🥰 This group is for promoting mainly Vocaloid Ia for future concerts. Vocaloid and anime lovers are welcome to join too. We are a new group looking for others to act as Vocaloids for concerts and we have other roles like jobs who work behind the scenes and instrument players. A bit of a roleplay concert/character wise, but hopefully we can get a real band going. For more info contact MaroBear inworld thanks!~ 💛 hopefully I posted this in the right forum...🤣
  12. At 9AM SLT there will be a Vocaloid concert with anime styled characters, featuring Hatsune Miku, Rin, Len, Luka! (played songs of Meiko and Kaito as well) ENDED See ya next time~
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