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  1. Brilliant! Thanks Mac, that's super helpful :-)
  2. Nevermind, I was using the wrong syntax when typing in "mesh sandbox 1," trying again did it!
  3. Hi guys, sorry if this is the wrong forum... I had to have a manual refresh of my aditi inventory, and it seems that after that I have now been moved to some safe hub place I can't teleport off (no other islands there. I'm trying to get to a mesh testing area - have tried the in game search etc as well as old landmarks for the mesh sandboxes I've found online. Typing mesh sandbox in the search doesn't help (I see only agni landmarks it seems), and I've tried joining the inworld group 'second life beta' but it seems everyone is offline. Anyone able to help out and/or give me a link to TP away from this random place with??? Thanks :-)
  4. Oh man it's shameful if the problem was a standard SL issue with such an easily solution, but I'll have a look at it when I log in next and let you know (but hey, I am a SL noob so I'm happy to learn about this). I hope it does fix things up, I'm super hopeful after seeing the difference demonstrated in your post, and I will have more of a play with the settings. Because there aren't transparent mesh near the head and no inverted normals either (I did check for this), I'm hoping that the answer is as simple as what you've defined! I actually haven't seen some of the settings you have open in your ss, but I do have FS so first I will try to replicate what you have there, then have a play for myself. I'm sorry if it's frustrating for you guys to deal with so many silly questions sometimes, but it is highly appreciated!
  5. Hi guys, yes I have frapsed it and put it on youtube for you to look at. I hope you can help me figure it out >.< Just today I had my friend (you can see her sitting in the chair) see if she saw a similar problem on ultra (with another head I am also working on), and she screenshotted for me the same effect I have been seeing. I'm not sure what her computer stats are though, but she also plays a lot of new games so I'm assuming it's decent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTgsvF__Iy8&feature=youtu.be If you look at the nape of the neck around the start of the vid you can see what I mean, though I was trying to catch it when it was more pronounced, sometimes I see huge ribbons of this effect along the neck, especially on the second model I am doing. When I turn the head around you can see the distortion I am meaning on the temple and around the nose. If you would like to see if you can see this effect in game, I can message/note you with the demo of the mesh head I have found on the market place which does the same thing? It might help me to see if you can see the same effect on the neck? Otherwise I think Ive determined this is not the shadow flickering we've mentioned here. I was looking at my friends maitreya body and my niramyth one (I also have a slink one which isn't so pronounced), and the shadows sort of flickering as they creep about seems to be a different issue. This one looks like roaming pixelation??? Thank you again for your time >.< I hope we can figure it out!
  6. Hi guys, thank you again for all the input! I just had a look and Im currently on 16.5 FPS while Im seeing the issue... I'm not sure if that helps to identify it or not... Whirly, I just tried unticking the OOC but it didn't work, however I disabled sun+moon projectors and it was completely fine, so the problem is definitely with the shadows Arton, if it is indeed a problem with my computer(s) - which is actually what I am starting to think now (it's all very confusing), I'm actually heartened in the fact that I can most likely do what I do, ignore the weirdness, and just hopefully get some people on other computers to come and look at my stuff from time to time to tell me if its borked! Basically my main concern here wasn't my system, but that I was worried I was making some sort of broken mesh, and if I ever entertain putting it on the MP, I'd had to put something munted up there. But as far as this situation goes, I'm thinking if people don't see the same issue with the head as I do, it's probably ok?
  7. Hi Chin, thank you for the response! And please go off topic you two, as much as you like, I'm happy to try to absorb and learn what I can and if it doesn't make sense to me now I hope one day it will. As for hardware, the 'best' system I tested it on was this one, which is pretty old now: i7 Sandy Bridge Processor 3.4GHz Sapphire ATI Radeon HD6970 2GB GDDR5 Graphics card 6GB RAM All three computers are about on par though. I did also test in the standard viewer only, not Firestorm etc... So while I was wondering if it was related to diffuse texture in alpha blending mode (because my mesh certainly is using this technique), it's not in Firestorm? Could this still be the issue? I also checked to see whether or not my mesh was simply too complex and tried a simplified version, and it did -seem- at first to help, but then I noticed the flickering effect had just moved to different points on the head >.< I haven't actually checked if the head from the MP (in the first picture I showed you) used multiple textures or this diffuse in alpha blending mode, but I will have a look when I log in today. I don't want to name names as its a popular product, but I'd be happy to point anyone to the demo if they want to bring it up in their game and see if it does the same thing? But yes... it just seems more likely the problem is my end! Grrr! When I log in today I will play with settings as per Chin's suggestion, and see if they alleviate the situation. Thank you for your responses and your discussion. I love the feeling of something I am trying to get a grasp on going over my head - it means there is so much more to explore and learn!
  8. Hi guys, I'm sorry if someone has already asked this somewhere. I've spent a few days trying to trawl through the forums (and google) for a solution. For some reason a mesh head I am making shows this gradient like shadow flickering when atmospheric shaders/advanced lighting model is on, and my graphics are set to ultra. I've tried things out on a few different computers, and though the effect is lesser/greater depending on the computer used, I can still see this effect. I've actually noticed it on a few other head meshes I have demo'ed or bought from the MP (or for example, on on some of the mesh bodies I use - where shadows sort of flicker across the mesh in a pixelated fashion). I have attached a screenshot of the flickering I mean - one is from mesh on the MP, another is from one I have been making. I have also noticed this effect coming from the shadow of a palm tree over my head (and just turning really pixelated on me!) Can anyone shed any light on why this is happening or how it might be fixed?  Thank you for your time!
  9. Hi everyone, Oleander Boulevard is a modern day RP setting in a wealthy district of New Orleans. Come and explore! You are welcome to use this venue to stage your roleplay as long as your character(s) would fit within the setting. We only ask that people apply when they wish to play supernatural/magical type characters as we have particular rules for that. 18+ players only, though child avis are allowed. Look forward to seeing you! Check out either our information center in game: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nightshark/92/137/2002 Or our forums: http://crowleyhouse.freeforums.net/
  10. Oleander Boulevard is tight-knit community that strives for quality in all our endeavours. We believe in a richly detailed environment and enjoy story-lines full of character depth and development. What originally began as a household has developed into a larger world that we hope can slot into most people's urban roleplay situations. We're a pretty small player-base at the moment, and seeking to bring more players into our wee fold! You are also welcome to use our 'sim' for your RP even if you do not join us, as long as your characters fit the setting and are non-supernatural/fantastical. Moreover, if you're the type who likes to get his/her feet wet first, you're welcome to just jump into the rp under the same conditions! For more info, check out: http://crowleyhouse.freeforums.net/ or visit our info-center in game: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nightshark/92/139/2002
  11. Hi there! We're a small, tight-knit group of players looking for a few talented writers to weave into our storylines. Most of our scenes are based around a house (where you can stay for free), and the theme is realistic style horror/supernatural. Think fantastical realism, something literary - with slow-burning horror and build up being favoured over super fancy magical effects. We aren't too fussy about writing-skills (elitism kills rp), but we do prefer para-rpers and most of us tend to have a modicum of skill. We also pad our rp out via forums/threads, and would require you to be open to this. We do not accept furries of any variant, child avatars (I wish we did, but it makes some people uncomfortable!), and you must be over 18, as there are many adult themes involved. In terms of storyline, we began this household as a rich, upper-class living situation with the undercurrent of a demonic cult. Victims have been sacrificed, members have been recruited via faustian pacts. We've had a lot of story development since then involving the ups and downs of high society... various character struggles... and currently a main character has just been killed off throwing everything into turmoil. We often run group RP events (every week or every other week). As a group we also encourage people to mix/get to know each other. We're not intending to get much bigger! If this sounds like you, or you're curious, message me in game and I'll give you a show around. Thanks!!
  12. That... Is beautiful... /tear I could never ever touch a thing of such demonic and agile beauty. I am afraid my priest will have to descend into your floofy darkness.
  13. I've started RPing a (non-skeevy) Catholic Priest alt for fun. I can work into any modern/contemporary setting. I'm a para rper and into character development/more writerly styles of rp. Just add me or message me in game if you want to work something out! My dance card is pretty full, but I'm having so much fun with the new role that I thought I'd branch out. Always great to meet new people!
  14. Bump! And just stressing, because it is turned out to be an important factor for us - you do have to enjoy thread posting. We're finding a balance of thread-writing and in game RP is working out for some really good story development.
  15. Hi there, We are a friendly (if not sometimes potty-mouthed) group of people who run storylines based around a haunted mansion (magical realism is preferred over super-shiny-special effects). The climate of the RP is a little political, a little glitz and glam, a little urban and crime, and a whole lot of adult/mature. There is a satanic (or more illuminati-esque) cult undermining most things, so new characters might be identified as recruits or sacrifices, and easily introduced into the storyline via that ambit. The demon of the cult tends to make faustian pacts in order to snaffle you - you're after fame, money, reputation, supreme skillz? You'll get it, but then -they- will have you forever! We currently have a few storylines running - a young celebutante trying to enter acting about to be tempted with everything she dreams of, a meth-dealing hooker recruited for her contacts, the twisted and complex dynamics of a powerful family... Demonic possession and slow burning horror... This setting also bleeds out onto any urban/modern setting, so humanoid characters that fit those sorts of scenarios are what we're after ;-) Requirements: - You must be over 18, no exceptions. - You must be a para rper - but you don't have to be good at it. We're not elitists at all - we just want to be able to feel like we're interacting with a person ;-) - You must be willing/able to instigate RP with other members on your own. This is because I am afraid OOC wallflowers will simply get ignored and fall by the wayside. - You must be interested in supplementary RP via forum threads. We love to flesh out our characters and read about you fleshing out yours! - Unfortunately the jury has spoken regarding child avis. We do not take these anymore. If you're interested, contact me in game ;-) Anyone who wants to move into the house in order to join rp is totally welcome and free, and you get a juicy prim allowance om nom nom!
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