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  1. Here is my take on the black & white Challenge ^^
  2. Gianee you need to go to preferences on BD and set eye limit to 0 https://gyazo.com/efefcf4901f6808ff45d6c60e919e296
  3. I would like to correct you about that you can't make a material applier with catwa and it only works for skins only. This is false information because 3 major Designers in second life have made it work without making a skin for it. To make a material shine effect you need the new version 4.0 Catwa Bento Dev Kit that you get with your catwa bento head. there is a script in there called Skin + Materials as you can see here in my attached picture of the Catwa Bento Dev kit. Catwa did not break it or other designer would not be able to make the shines that they do
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