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  1. Yes, I read that. I was trying to find out if the problem was still ongoing before getting a redelivery and spending all the time reloading the hud. UPDATE: I simply went ahead and did the redelivery and reloaded everything. Seems to be working now. I have no clue what put it out of commission, but everything else on the sim seems to be fine.
  2. I hope this is the right place for my inquiry. Starting early this morning my AO's have stopped working with the Akeyo hud. I tried resetting the hud among other things, but nothing has worked. I have managed to load an older hud from my inventory which has fixed my walk and stand, but no dances will work. It the script problem still an issue, or has it been fixed and my hud borked? Thank you!
  3. Woooo an I'm going to have the last word person. Impressive. LOL!
  4. I also keep around 52 boats or so plus a couple of large houses and a gallery. So believe me, I do pay to play. :-)
  5. I'm not upset or impatient in the least! It was just a simple comment and you get these all these snotty peeps making comments. I actually already have four parcels. Some peeps in the forums get so overly dramatic. LOL! Btw, I used to see you in world from time to time. Nice to hear from you. :-)
  6. I believe discount is different than refund. And if is were to be as dramatic and some of you all seem to be. I would have canceled the membership in the first place. LOL! Once again it is fairness in billing. "We always get peeps"? So you own/operate this forum?
  7. well, my company doesn't randomly throw free parts into one box and not the other of our customers and then charge the same price. It is not a matter of use vs. non-use it is a matter of equal offering for one price.
  8. Honey, I'm just as patient as you are. Fairness in billing is just that.
  9. Considering that getting a place on the new continent is for the most part impossible at this time, shouldn't those who are playing premium membership for less accommodations receive a discount? Old sections have less prims, more lag, no water for boating, and are simply outdated. I think the premium should be reduced for those who are unable to obtain accommodations in the new area and have relinquished ownership of the outdated parcels in order to stand in line for updated ones.
  10. When I first toured the new Linden area I was impressed with the details and how it was executed. I was, however, extremely disappointed at all the ban lines. I find ban lines very distracting and quite frankly unnecessary. While sailing through the region I lost three boats in ten minutes. Was I intentionally trying to "invade" somebodies space? No! All you have to do is very slightly tick a ban line and POOF your boat is gone. This causes great frustration to say the very least. Upon a second visit to this new region I was overjoyed to see that the ban lines were all gone! It was boating time once again, and not one boat did I lose. I do not intentionally try to invade a person's private property or privacy, but an occasional tick in a tight passage is unavoidable. I do support security orbs for use on ones property with a delay setting to allow for a passing vehicle or boat in an area that is quite tight. Even with a delay, a security does it's job. It will eject those who are lingering for no good reason. It think ban lines should simply be banned totally.
  11. The only way I know to check is to go to the section where you get the Premium House and look. I have been checking there on and off just to see if something comes up.
  12. The house boats went very fast and as of last night there were only a few of the houses left. I hope they expand soon, I was trying for a houseboat. :-)
  13. UPDATE! :-) I added the brand new nitro hud and all new VISTA Bento Walk, Run, and stands. So far, I have not had a problem all day. BUT, I was dancing on another's hud tonight and it happened once and that was when I turned my AO off to get on their hud. Will non-bento dances cause this as well? So far I'm just happy I seemed to have at drastically reduced it happening all the time. Also I'm tired of having to log in my puppy dog av on my other workstation to keep and eye on my hands. LOLOLOL! Well the hands will have to stay that way from the dances because there is no way I'm getting rid of all of those all at once. Thanks again all!
  14. OMG! :-) Thank you all for great, and speedy, replies! I am using a new VISTA AO for bento, but it is just the stand pose. So it is most possible I need another AO for the hands or one that is more complete. I will look further into the hand poses and make sure that the hand button is switched to off in the Belleza hud. Thank you all for your speedy advice. :-) New Info: I purchased an Akeyo Nitro AO hud and new Vista animations that state they are BENTO. I will try a new clean hud and new animations first to see if this corrects the problem. I have wanted to update my old Akeyo hud and clean out old dances anyway. This is as good a time as any. :-) If the problem persists, I will try the hand AO. LOL it is SL, so I should have known "it is always something" LOL! Thank again all! :-)
  15. Currently I am using a male Belleza body with a Catwa head. Although I cannot see this in my viewer, then hands on my avatar get stuck in a "fanned" position. I can see other avatars with the problem, but my hands look normal in my viewer. This doesn't seem to be stuck to one particular mesh avatar and I have noticed it more and more lately on other avatars. Any suggestions or fixes?
  16. I have many boats and either sail or motor boat on The Blake Sea and surrounding sims all the time. Many of the sims there have covenants that require residents to give passage for boats. I always respect a persons privacy, but on the other hand if your covenant says you may only have an orb for your residence then that is the way you should set it up. If I spend an hour sailing and enter a sim where an improperly placed orb boots me and returns my boat, then I am not a happy camper. Why people rent these parcels not bothering to read the covenant is beyond me. I typically report orb violators immediately. I no longer send a friendly IM about the violation of water space directly to them. Having security orbs set so high takes away from what SL represents. Having an orb on your residence is like locking your house. I totally agree with that. It is a shame that so many peeps who rent parcles and sims from other fail to abide by the rules set up by the landlord/owner. It ruins it for everyone. The whole idea of having property on a place such as The Blake Sea is for the water and the boating community. I do agree that there are many who are here that will violate any rule that exists, thus I have an orb on my residence to keep peeps from (ahem) doing things in my home. LOL! Which seems to be a common problem in SL. As for my water area, it is open for boaters to cross to the next sim as it should be done.
  17. Pamela, your safe! LOL.... I could never use market place again and still have tons of your things in my Galleria house. :-D To miss visiting your store in world is a tradegy. :-D
  18. I need to add myself to this list as well. Marketplace has not been working for me for about two weeks now. I have tried on multiple comptuers. It does, however, respond if I use Chrome. I had this browerser on my travel laptop. I do not have Chrome on my home network computers, nor do I wish to have it. So if anybody comes up with a fix for Explorer I hope they will pass it along. Thanks! June 25 - Still not working for me. :-( Guess this Lindens aren't going to get spent. June 26 - market place is now totally unaccessible in Internet Explorer now. I don ot want Chrome on my home network so I guess I will not be able to spend Lindens until something is done. LOL! I spoke with a friend who also cannot use IE for market place so it is NOT my system. GRRRRRRR! June 27 - No improvement. Apparently they must not care.
  19. I am currently running Norton Internet Security. Since I log into my company network from home I am required to use this, sorry! :-) Bento keeps coming up as bad/potentially harmful. Is anyone else experiencing this? It is the only file that comes up this way. Thank you!
  20. My friends list is complete dark even though many are on line. I must click on them and chat before they will appear in the list. I tried SL Viewer (normal viewer for me) and Firestorm which is my back up viewer. I have tried on two CPU's and a different internet connection., All is the same, so it is not my equipment. Where could the problem be? Thank you.
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