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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Attraction/104/28/1016.Here is our location.Hope to see you there
  2. Come join one of the newest and most fun filled clubs in SL.We are currently looking for staff to help fill out our roster.We are currently looking for dancers,hosts,and managers.Come check us out and see what fun we can offer.We have fun sexy events like Spin the bottle every Friday night,danceing with one of our Dj's,or just come mingle with some good down to earth fun sexy people.What do you have to lose by coming to check us out?Hope to see you soon
  3. Come check out one of SL's most fun and exciting clubs.We have a little bit of everything.Sexy ladies dancing for your pleasure on poles,Dance ball for those that want to get to know each other better before heading to one of the many erotic places we have to get better aquainted.We have a very friendly and slightly kinky group that will make you feel comfortable.Singles and couples welcome.come join us every Friday night for our wild,spin the bottle game.Guaranteed to have fun
  4. Will be opening a new club soon.Come check us out.Lots of room for anything you may like.We will have Dancing,mingle,BDSM rooms,lots of others.Looking for freelance dancers to help us get up and running
  5. I am looking for land or skybox to open a small adult themed club.Looking for around 900 prims in the 1000-1200L range
  6. Once again,little one shows his ignorance by spouting off that everyone else responding to this thread is ignorant but him.Smh.It is quite obvious he is a very strange and troubled little boy.Hopefully he has people that claim to know him and can get him the help he needs.I love his claim he went to Cambridge.LOL.Might be time to put down your crack pipe.As I stated before I have already wasted enough time on you little one.You and all of your 3 months in Second Life.LOL.I will not respond to anymore of your childish ramblings.Fred said it best.Get a life
  7. I have wasted enough time on you little one.My space bar works just fine.Thats the best you can come up with?Its obvious you have no clue in life.your enjoyment stems from trolling the forum section looking for misspelled words.You will understand better if you ever do grow up.I notice you didnt answer what the purpose of your first post was?You dont know either.Just a lil one with a big mouth.LOL
  8. Just curious little one.What was the purpose of your first post?Was it your pathetic attempt at humor?Or What exactly are you trying to say?
  9. I only use one name.Get your mom or someone older to read my name slowly for you.Maybe that will help.Its idiots like you that ruin things for the rest of us.Go look at your picture of your dead cat floating in water,maybe that would cheer you up.You need lots of help little one
  10. Smh.Seems there will always be angry little boys like LlazarusLlong here.Live in mom's basement and their joy in life is critisizing every misspelled word or any other mistake someone makes.I feel sorry for little boys like this.Would really suck to go thru life as miserable as you must be.You and all of your knowledge.All of your 3 months in sl.LOL.All anyone has to do to see what kind of sick human you are is to look at your photos you have posted.Someone that puts a picture of a dead cat floating in water needs help.Lots of it.
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