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  1. Hi, I am not sure where to post this question. I am asking this for a friend of mine that is new to being a DJ here in SL. She is looking for a broadcast system for windows 10. She does have her stream.  She is looking for something that is either free or not that expensive. I really don't understand this and being that she is still new to this she is not sure herself. Does anyone have any advise or can help in anyway I can give to her? Thank you, Mysticalmisty Resident.

  2. I am building a two story building. I am doing this in a sandbox because I am doing this for someone so I need to have the group not set yet. I finished my first floor and when I go to link walls together some will link and some will not. I get a box pop up saying cannot link parts, too far,apart. Sorry, it says something like that. I also started the second floor and tried to link that to a part of the first floor that was already linked and it would not allow me to do that either. Can anyone help me with this problem I am having?   Thank you.

  3. Hi, My SL husband just purchased land., It is not mainland. I do not know what you call it if it is not mainland but here is what I would like to explain.  I have the viewer singularity, he has firestorm. We both see things differently. He would like to add me to the land as owner as well as himself. The person he bought the land from, said you have to set it to the group. We do not want to set this to the group. We are opening up a club and just want two things.  How do get me as land owner alone with him and can anyone please take me step by step with this and also about the group thing you have to do with your land.  I do not know all the technical names for all this stuff, I am sorry. Please I have tried even getting a hold of Linden Labs and I am not getting anywhere with something so simple.  Thank you so much.

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