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  1. I loved the help I recived my first weeks here and am grateful these helpful people where kind to help for no charge.
  2. ok thank you toddlerdoo but who has the best skin andshape for them?
  3. :matte-motes-crying: guess I will never know
  4. mmmmmmm Spam and Eggs now I am hungry.
  5. Hope you are enjoying your return
  6. I would love to know what the best toddler avatar is in SL and why.
  7. Have you tried an adoption place yet? you might find someone looking for families there. Goodluck I hope you find a family.
  8. I would love to know what is the best toddler avatars in SL.
  9. I couldn't agree with you more, when I first started SL I played a child the way one should but saw so many times the ones you spoke of dressed like tramps and such. The language they use to was something you never hear from children of that age in RL but seems to be accpeted in SL by some. I love RPing a toddler and doing it right was so much fun.
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