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  1. Thank you, much appreciated!
  2. Thank you. Yet, understand that these subforums have hundreds of pages and most of topics have noting in common with my question, not even close. I meet a number ofdifficulties checking through them all, considering English is not even my first langage. So, I started this topic in case someone can advice something particular. Cheers
  3. Hello, I wish to ask if there are any open text or video tutorials about hair creation. Mostly I'm interested in the UV mapping details, how to unwrap the geometry to make it fit the most hair textures in SL and so, make it easier to retexture. Thanks!
  4. Hello. I am the begginner at 3d programs, which I learn to use. I try to create garments, and use marvelous 4, zbrush + blender for that purpose. During that process I met with a problem with a transparent inner side of my garment. I used different ways of solving this problem, which I read about in other threads on the same topic. And still there is a problem - because when I create the inner layer of faces, my UV map gets spoiled and doubled. If I had one element on my texture map, I have it doubled after changing. I bought some ready meshes from Meli Imako and FLECHA, and I see that they a
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