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  1. okay guys, take it as a compliment and then pokes him "dont copy my style again n again" rite?..will do captain! thank you..lol
  2. Hello Admin/Moderator/Guys, I wanna know how to make people cant inspect our items.. It's easy to inspect someone's clothing by right clicking their item n click inspect to know their item's brand.. I have a friend who always copy my style by inspect me again n again without permission i think, because tomorrow he will end up with the brands i worn So..I'm Firestorm user, is there a menu in firestorm viewer to block people's inspect? or a script, or any other way? Thank you /\
  3. Ms.Tari thanks for all your help n recommendation, sorry for the late reply n sorry about tellin my friend (but i dont tell his/her name) because sometimes they being quite now after reinstall my pc, its like they talk about something in IM/their group cus they always active talk also with me before the reinstalling moment, im scared they talk about me bcus they put illegal program like can read all activity on my pc..wanna ask them but im sure if that real happen they wont tell about it to me if the object talk is me..so i was like frustate finding the causes n solving this problem alone also, so my brain like finding anything til get solved. I wish my thought not true n sorry once again dont mean add anything, it just like flow from my brain n wanna share the story after before the key accident.. about antivirus, sometimes antivirus like not friend also here specially for gamers/modders, maybe u know the reason, example like avast antivirus theres feature "turn on quite mode for gaming" but not works 100%, n ever happen sometimes they read "exe" as an virus even an legal exe even I ever run that program n its work not a viruses thats why I dont use antivirus..sometimes i do manual cleaning like disc cleanup or deleting manual from temporary folder also clearing cache from sl i did but my keyboard issue still happen so I reinstall my windows But once again thanks for all, I'll try deactivate all gestures when I back to sl maybe from them..may I add u inworld? maybe can ask u again if I have something I dont understand
  4. "What exactly happens when you hit those keys? Anything at all?" nothing happen, just still same case when I type "n,o,j and 9" its like holding sometimes can sometimes cant n yes looks like have keys bound as hotkeys triggered here, if 1 key got error maybe i dont mind but i have 4 keys really annoys me "moment you switched from Firestorm to the SL viewer it would have ceased to function completely." This one when I switch firestorm to sl is already happening the error key on my firestorm, thats why i switch to sl viewer to test it.. i thought its from firestorm..but when im in sl viewer it still broken beside that I still cant solve it until now made me unmood to do activity like blender n making mesh also, even they're my new hobby :(.. but I'll try do all your recommend like deactivate gesture keys n clean up keyboard cookie..if still same maybe yes its from my pc/broken keyboard or the viruses, but what i saw since the problem happen until now, theres something like remoting my that 4 keys, sometimes they release the "n,o,j,9" so i can type them correctly sometimes they hold it (so i cant type them)..when they hold it I cant type them until they release it.. ive been googling also n read/learn about remoting n found teamviewer articles, ive ever heard also about this the program who can control our pc, im scared my pc got remote by that/someone..but the strange i did type/find "teamviewer" non on them installed on my pc, scared its hidden too also i read this articles: "Chrome Remote Desktop allows users to remotely access another computer through Chrome browser" cus dont know the one who made my key error n this one, Ive found suspicous family on my firestorm log..even my real family (in my home, example: my dad mom bro or sister) dont have that intel pro i6 (sorry if my english not too good) this: im scared someone in sl really hacks me because many smart people in there who understand scripting n other, scared someone puting/sending illegal script to my inventory folder in sl, or someone was really installed teamviewer on my pc? i dont know how to block/delete or kick that pc/remote.. Tbh i ever offer my laptop when my laptop got broke to the one sl user in rl, i just met him once in rl idk why i easy believe to him that time to fix my pc because he's my best friend in sl n never get fight. but now im scared of him putting illegal/hidden program or teamviewer when he reinstall/fixing my pc, Thats why i ask live chat to LL i wanna get help checking his pc is the intel premium pr i6 or not (even he tried change another pc, im sure linden labs has track history of pc he used before) because his nut job holding my 4 keys always happening.. I'm honestly scared also it will be long last as he dont get enough playing/holding my keyboard (idk for make fun of it with his friends/group) ive been confused of it..n if my thought is real he;s really must know its not a joke, it was about wasting people time who really wanna work n i think its kind of cyber crime but thank u so much for the help..I really appreciate it, if u guys have another solve about how to find/kick the hidden teamviewer/hidden remote please tell/poke me..i will really thanking cus ive been tired of my keyboard n basicly still newbie/dont understand about that program
  5. thank you so much for info, I have a trouble with my keyboard..when I logged in to sl, I cant type O, N, 9 and L correctly (example when I type "hello" it will be "hell" or "heo") its really embarrase me..so when I chat with people I always being typo so much n its really torture me because I'm a fast typer n never typo like this before, beside that I'm trying work Blender now in sl making mesh n stuff, make me cant concentrate n focus working. but when I logged off secondlife I type my keyboard normal function/correctly (tried in browser, notepad, word n here) its like my account is being hacked or because I ever try RLV?.I dont know what is the cause n how to solve it..already write to https://support.secondlife.com/start-chat/ already 3 days but still no answer. my viewer is firestorm, I thought that viewer is not safe bcus recommend from my friend but I tried changed to secondlife still typo like that, still the same.. if anyone can help, I really appreciate it
  6. Hello, I wanna ask..i have a problem with my account, I've created a format and sent to https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ it said 24 hours will be answered but already 2 days got no answer. Is there Live Chat or any other help to ask linden labs or admin? Thank you
  7. yush i ask cus i saw secondlife is awesome already now with havok. if there's ragdoll physic like gta 5 or another game, secondlife will more amazing specially for combat sim roleplay
  8. Hello I'm kinda curious, is there ragdoll physic for mesh avatar in secondlife? if yes, already release?
  9. oh thank you so much arton I will do it
  10. thank you, may u upload the screenshot about automatic weighting..kinda new here about blending
  11. yes sure alwin, im new in forum too..sorry dont know before x)
  12. Hello guys, I'm new in blender n like to learning. Wanna ask about rigging, heres the picts: 1.when rest posing is fine 2.but when edit pose, the butt is kinda mixxed/followed my arms/hands 3. (example: my creation success) I wanna make that women avatar success/normal like this (the butt not followed the arms) Anyone may help? I'll follow your step n appreciate it..Thank you
  13. Hello guys, I'm new in blender n love to learning. Wanna ask about rigging, heres the picts: 1.when rest posing is fine 2.but when edit pose, the butt is kinda mixxed/follow my arms/hands 3. (example: success) I wanna make her success/normal like this (the butt not followed the arms) Anyone may help? I'll follow your step n appreciate it..Thank you
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