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  1. I've been having a think about that too. But you know, back at the beginnings of the evolution of Homo Sap. the girls that got the protection of powerful guys are the ones who's kids got to survive. So you could say we are all descended from, ummm, gang molls?
  2. I went to look. There is no demo either. L$750 is about L$700 over my buy-without-demo level.
  3. I came across these wonderful breast deformers that work with my Maitreya body to give it that more mature look. I had not seen these before, and I'm wondering how they work. But I'm super-glad I found them.
  4. Sorry to come to this late. You 'mericans always fill up the interesting threads before I get up. Slang words are very localized. 'Hooker'' didn't occur in English-English before the advent of TV, or if it did he was a fisherman. 'Escort' in English-English used to mean a man who was escorting a lady, or vice-versa. I get quite annoyed about the perversion of good words to use to denigrate people. Words like 'gay' for instance, which few of us would blink at now, were originally used as an insult. To call someone a name because they make their living (also fun money) from sex is
  5. Hi, Yes, this is my first post on the forums. But I've been lurking forever 😊 I've always used bought shapes, or the ones that come with body parts, before, but I've decided to get more adventurous, and make my own. Are there any tutorials on how to do it properly? I understand the mechanism of the Shape Editor. I started by wearing the ones I have and noting down all the numbers (wish there was a way of getting a dump of them), then combining the attributes of each that I liked. This seems to work quite well. I just wondered if I was missing a trick?
  6. If I copy an inventory folder, then the new folder contains copies of all the copiable objects within the old one. But, if the folder contains links to items, then these links are not copied. I would really like to be able to copy folders full of links. Have I missed something? Can it be done another way? P.S. I realise links in the inventory were an afterthought of the original SL design.
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