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  1. I knew as soon as I fitted it, It wasn't made for that body at all. Because no matter where I put it, the head and the neck never blend, and that's really bugging me. But it's the best I can do! Thank you for your help <3
  2. Hello everyone. So on one of my alts, i've had a really big issue for the past.. two or three months, and i've just been dealing with it. But today I just got sick of it and started screwing with it for the past two hours and STILL cannot get it to fit right. I saw the "Head Positioning" picture which is honestly no help at all. And I tried using the update card aswell! I have my graphics on Ultra so it's not that kind of problem either. I'm using Firestorm, The Venus Head version is 1.15.51, And Avatar 2.0 Version is 1.12.22. Thanks in advance <3 I hope I put enough information in here.
  3. Thank you three <3 I will try the demos for a few bodies and see how it turns out. And thank you so much, Asia! That looks nice and it's actually what I was looking for.
  4. Hello! So I've recently been wanting to get a Mesh Body. I've had one before on one of my alts as a female, but never have had one as a male. I've noticed almost all the Male Mesh Bodies I have seen were too buff or muscled up. I'm going for just a slim tall guy. Nothing with abs. Does anybody know where I could find one? It would be much appreciated. <3 EDIT: Okay so after HOURS trying to just figure out what I wanted, I guess I'm going with the TMP Mesh Body. But I still have a question for anybody with it out there.. Is there absolutely ANY WAY, I can tone down the muscles? Like.. Seriously. The guy in the Mesh Body Addicts review looks so friggin bulky. I also don't want to pay $L 5,000 + A mesh head (Which I may just skip.), but ya gotta do what ya gotta do..
  5. Hello SL people who read forums Cx, Mah name is MrSleepyBug (Liam IRL) And i joined SL a while ago but i havent played much, And when i wanted to start playing daily, Nobody wanted to talk to me ;-; Like i feel ignored or other people have other things to do. And if they arent ignoring me, They are being really perverted or rude. So i decided to come to the forums to meet people :D More about me: Sex: Male Orientation: Homosexual Here on SL for: Friends/Relationship/Clothing Relationship: Single as a pringle (Omg im sorry XD) Age: 23 Race: Caucasion Im here to make friends and to explore what SL has to offer. I won't turn down Relationship offers, But we have to really connect and not just "Dur you wanna go out with me".. "Dur sure" Cx anyways if you want to know more about me and we shall IM :D (I dont want there to not be a conversation, so thats why i didn't tell to much about myself <.<)
  6. Oh herro! I am artsy and very fond of anime to (And Ouran is what got me started being interested in it ) We should hang out sometime :3
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