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  1. Thanks for the replys. Yes that does help Jack, thanks for the tip about joint offsets. Unforunately I have another problem texture thrashing. An since the cube trick we both use don't work no more this is the issue that I can't get passed now. Only if I make 512 texture does this help. But my textures 1k and look like **bleep** at 512. Oh well I tried..... No Whirly I have nothing on market. But thanks for response....I never sell since I can't get passed my problems. I had it fixed at least like Jack did with cubes. Now that work around is dead and I go back to scratching my head....Hone
  2. Does anyone know if SL changed anything in the latest viewer for rigged mesh avatars that involve the joint offsets and skin weights options? I thought I had this down by now but no of course always a problem. I use to upload my rigged avatars with just skin weights. Then I'd rig a cube in my editor to the skeleton upload that with skin weights and joint offsets. Since I thought mesh was suppose to only have one set of offsets. So I'd take that cube and link it to a second life cube I make in world. The SL Cube becomes the parent and my editor cube that is rigged is a child of it. Then I'd tak
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