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  1. Sylvia Wasp wrote: My point was that to offer a non-functional product for sale is (technically) criminal fraud. Not sure that it is fraud by any legal definition. 1) You are talking about US$18.45. Although lawyers will happily take your thousands, most courts would not allow you to waste their time for the price of a couple of Big Macs. 2) It's a virtual item in a computer game, not a real world device. Also, your argument would be with the creator, TheBlack.Box - who looks to be German. So you would need to do your law suit in his country, not yours. As SL progresses further along it's long tail to extinction we will hit this problem a lot more. All the server based tools will die, and that likely includes all the casper rent/vendor tools one day.
  2. Invariably I have seen that Daddys and their little daughters get very defensive if their choices are questioned, to the point they start throwing around insults at anyone who dares are a question. But I still fail to see how an adult who chooses to play a man's daughter is any different from an adult playing a little girl without a dad sucking on a pacifier. Maybe Drake you could tell me, how someone pretending to be the daughter of a grown man is different - but not in terms of insults, in terms of a rational explanation on why what you choose is ok and not creepy? To me it seems akin to the barely legal naughty schoolgirl porn that some people seem to like. It's ok to pretend to be a schoolgirl in trouble with her teacher as long as you really are an adult and it's just play acting. Is this it?
  3. Do NOT lump DD/LG relationships into paedo territory. Thank you. I don't see much difference, outside of the shape. The talking is the same, the spread of power is the same, the clothes are often the same. Just the shape. But that said... honestly, so what? You are both adults no? Why shouldn't one of you play the other's little daughter?
  4. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Everyone at the table doted on me as I nibbled quietly on my cinnamon-sugar bagel. Mmmm, cinnamon-sugar bagels!
  5. LlazarusLlong wrote: Do you think that we could get the TOS changed so that it was mandatory? Nothing in the TOS stopping PixelKids being in adult sims, so no. Leave it to the sim owner to use a banorb to eject people under 8' tall.
  6. Some inventory hints (Well what i find works) Under clothing make a folder called Mesh in that make folders called Dresses/Jeans/Tops/Shoes/Jewellry/etc etc Do the same under Body. Make folders called Skins/Hair/Eyes/Ears/Feet and Hands/Bodies. Do the same under Objects. Those might be Plant/Homes/Sex Gear/Etc You will learn the folders you will need to create as you go, but by practicing good control and not letting it slip away you can tame your mess quite easily. One extra thing I do is a new top level folder called Demos. Under that Hair/Jackets/Skins etc. Sometimes when I am not sure if I want to scrap a demo or look at it later i will poke it into there and come back a week or month later.
  7. It's still in the foyer of Chouchou V (The church) I think? Should be right where you zone in. Make sure you leave that sim a donation if you do find it there!
  8. There is nothing in the TOS that would stop you being violent to a consenting PixelKid as long as you stay a long way away from any hint of something sexual. Of course, doing such things to anyone who doesn't consent would breach harrasment. But that said: There are many in the community who will do everything they can to stop you hurting PixelKids, including false reports. Even (especially?) if those false reports get the PixelKids executed by the Lindens. The Lindens are very much zero tolerance on sexual activities and PixelKids, so much so they often don't even bother investigating the facts, just execute the particpants and close the false AR without thinking or even trying.
  9. If RLV is working correctly then you should not get such options. Your master can control you and do what he likes, when he likes. So, if he can make you sit on something or he can add/remove clothing, then it's working exactly as it should. However, if he tries to force-sit you and that never happens, then you do have an issue.
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