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  1. Hi im wondering how do i change my username (not display name)
  2. looking for an landscaper to do an custom build for me, looking for an mansion type build still an student so on an budget, hope to hear from you soon!
  3. thankyou appreciate it yes i was just shocked i was like??
  4. Yes i know they where but it gets you wondering thats why i wanted to call cause the person wont answer me or tell me whats wrong thats why i blocked them.
  5. Hey i got an weird text today about someone feening to get me off the grid, im wondering, what the problem was? and the person didnt tell me the problem at all but continued to harass me so i just blocked them, i would like to call linden labs and tell them what happened exactly i need to call from Europe so im wondering what number i i need to call.
  6. thankyou where can i find this mainland yeah its better for me to start small since its my first time
  7. yes thats right especially if im having tentants living there i just dont know where to start, i guess i wouldnt buy an sim for 399$ a week but id start somewhere small since its my first time buying a sim.
  8. This is supet hard to understand thats why id need help inworld if that works? This is my first time
  9. Hey i wanted to build a sim or get my own sim, i have never done this before, to rent out with small houses like the chung estates have done, how can i go by this safely? what rules do i need to read, and where can i get more info about this since this is my first time, thankyou! be respectable in the comments thankyou anyone know someone i can get in touch with or anyone that works in the estates that is willing to help me.
  10. Hi i have gotten an email from tilia but i was asleep when i got it, im trying to call tilia from europe but the number isnt working the number i tried calling was the number on the website Phone: 855-979-1500 because im calling from europe i put +1 i have already emailed them. how can i reach this number since its not working for me?
  11. updating here cause the edit thingy just stopped really weird whats going on?
  12. i love roleplay with feral pets if you want an family hit me up!
  13. okay and i also cant click anything right evrytime i click a prim it doesnt do anything and i have to click multiple times to select it the arrow on my mouse spins and my rotate on my edit looks like this i feel like someone is watching me or did something idk what it is and i know im not wearing something someone has given to me. because my clothes are normal clothes can someone come down or check please this is serious i have a feeling like someone is trying to steal something of mines or look at my textures i feel like they attached an hud on me. on my hud part of the screen idk what it is thought because im not wearing an hud?
  14. i had my friendslist go offline and then all of a sudden i see an hud on my screen and my arrow of my key starts loading around going around idk whats going on am i being hacked?? and what should i do? this is the first this thing happens
  15. someone sent me lindens today the amount was 20 lindens the date is 2021-04-06 around 10pm for no reason? i tried to ask them if this was for an friendly reason or not but they would not respond back to me.? any ideas of what i can do or just leave it alone?
  16. Zopper


    hey i see alot of characters you can buy on the marketplace, like sonic,pacman,bart,spiderman the simpsons etc. are you allowed to sell these characters yourself? for example lets say i would like to sell an outfit and name it homer? with the keywords in the marketplace listings (saying homer) from the simpsons is this possible heres an example of another item someone has sold https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Homer-Simpson-Head-in-a-Jar/10020721 kind of new and wondering if you can do this without getting copyrighted? cause most big characters are trademarked and copyrighted etc. im kind of new so this is why im asking
  17. yea and cause its funny im tryina do funny content not that video but without violating anything its just a question
  18. Zopper


    lol yeah i figured
  19. what? lol i dont even know you but suit urself
  20. I wanna open an youtube for my secondlife i wanna do fun content pranks/funny videos, what would be considered, not appropriate content that might get you banned of sl? cause when it comes for youtube as an platform it has its own rules verses SL any mods that can give me appropriate information or where i can read that for example this is the stuff that gets views on imvu. verging over 50k views. and i wanna do similar content, only good answers thankyou! this is all for fun purposes. [Moderator Edit: Video with Inappropriate Content Removed]
  21. Zopper


    tyvm for the reply yes i love 3D painting, any clues on how to close the thread?
  22. Zopper


    i did but thankyou very much for all replies evryone this thread is closed for now
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