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  1. Being able to block people from shopping from your marketplace like in-world is a great idea!
  2. On 11/16 I uploaded several png file format textures in preparation for an event, only to realize that all of the textures uploaded blurry. The texture is perfectly fine in photoshop and local temp upload, it is only once I've uploaded the texture that it is blurry. I have cleared texture cache and cleared cache and the problem persist. I've reinstall firestorm, also tried to upload the same textures on 3 other viewers with no fix. I've had someone else upload the same texture and it was blurry for them as well. I've updated my graphics card/drivers and I've also submitted a help ticket with no response at all. My next thought was well maybe its the file format, so I uploaded a tga and jpg file format texture and it's still blurry (so now I know it's not the file format). I am at my wits end about this, I have missed the event and have more events coming up that I am going to have to miss if this doesn't get fixed.
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