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  1. Im seeking a dom, to be rough and mean. I have no limits. Just reply on here or notecard me please. IM's wont always be seen. Im okayw ith male her female.
  2. I'm seeking a job. I would need training and I dont have a mesh body. Please IM
  3. I'm a female sub, and im seeking a dom, male or female. Message me inworld please if interested and we can talk more about it. ^,^
  4. Hi. I am a female, bi, seeking a male or female slave/ I am a neko, and I am accepting a slave of any race. I am seeking a long term slave, who is on when I am on, EST time. Please IM me in world if interested.
  5. Hi! Erm I dont know if you will see this or not but its worth a shot. I had posted a thread about needing a slave for a domme/sub rp or such. You messaged me online and said you were interested. We chatted till I suddenly had to go. I have forgotten your name and I do not think we added eachother.
  6. Hi.. My name is Arabella.. I am currently looking for a job! I have played for a few months, and I know how Second Life works well.... I can not make mesh or clothes, but I could do anything else if trained. I also can use my speaker if needed.
  7. Hello! My name is Arabella. I quit Second Life for a bit, and now that im back, the old roomates place I lived at is no longer running. I do no have money/Lindens either, sadly. I am seeking a family, to be adopted into one as a teen. Please message me in-world for more information. :)
  8. I am seeking subs, and I am female and human. Gender does not matter, but I would perfer someone with good grammer. You do not have to be human and can be any species.
  9. Well, I have had this idea for a while now and decided I wanted to start a Freak show like life. I am hunting for any person/animal or Neko with a odd look or power! This will have slight history to it, because a long time ago Freakshows were large but Freaks were not treated well. So if your ok with that, Men and Women needed for this! Contact me inworld.
  10. I wasnt sure if id put this on RP or lifestyle)) Hi. Im Lyla and im hunting for slaves of both genders. Please contact me inworld if interested.
  11. Hi! IM Liyla and im hunting for job as a Singer! PLease IM me if you would like to know mor eor hire.
  12. Im sorry im very new- and I dont know who sold it to me I bought it from online market place
  13. I just bought a Husky and food for her. I se ther and the food out- how does she eat it?
  14. HI! I really need a paying job. I am 6 days old but I used to have a account till I forgot the password. I can not make mesh iteams or clotheing but I could be a dancer, host, or a dj? if a dj I would need training though. Please contact me inworld- Thanks!
  15. Hi! Im hoping to join a family, one that dosnt have like tons of members and you dont know them all- but a close family :). In SL I am 16, I love music, reading, dancing, and shopping. I love roleplay too, so kinda a rp family I guese. (Not sure if I spelled that right) Please mail me inworld :) Thanks!
  16. Hi, my name is Glimp! I am a furry, I am a bordercollie. I would love to be a pet and have a owner(s)! Please message me inworld if you are interested ^-^
  17. Hi! My name is Nina, and I need a job! My name inworld is Happypersonoha, and I can do just about anything. Im very talkative and can use speak cha if needed. Id love to get a job paying Lindens so I could get a house- If you have a job avalible please message me or add me inworld.
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