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  1. Thanks! Apparently I still have my Linden home...how do I get rid of it?
  2. Hello everyone. I was wondering if any more experienced players could help me here - I'm signed up for a premium membership. I need to downgrade to basic free membership ASAP due to personal finance issues but when I tries it said something along the lines of "basic members cannot own land; please release your land before downgrading." I do not own any land. I contacted support but I don't know how long it usually takes them to reply as I'm pretty new here. Someone please help!! Ten dollars a month might not seem like that much but I'm having my own personal issues irl regarding money and need to fix this as soon as I can. Thanks everyone! :)
  3. Hi, my name is Miss Kittelaide & I am the Mistress of three lovely slavegirls. However, I am busy often both in SL & RL, and I am looking for a female companion who could help me train these girls and take care of them when I am not able to. It'd also be great - but not necessary - if this companion would be interested in perhaps cultivating a romantic relationship with me, not necessarily BDSM-related but we could dabble in it on our own. If any of this interests you, please IM me inworld (username: kittelaide). I hope to talk to you soon. :) xx Miss K
  4. Hi, I'm a slender, black-haired Caucasian Mistress who is currently looking for a fulltime *female* pet of my own. Species does not matter, just no child avis. I will be able to provide a home and collar. As my fulltime personal slave, I will buy you everything you need as well. I myself am no limits so slaves with "dark" fetishes are welcomed very happily, however I will always respect limits. However, the ideal slave will enjoy rough sex, extreme torture & humiliation, RLV, latex and objectification. Please IM me inworld (kittelaide) or reply here. Hope to see you soon :)
  5. (not for the faint of heart!) KINKY LADIES: Bored with the same old SL BDSM? Addicted to pleasing? Are you a **bleep** for pain & degradation? Do you or others consider your fetishes...dark? But perhaps the biggest question is: do you want to have fun, be a part of a community, and make lots of Linden? If you answered yes to at least one of those questions, please read on... I am in search of the kinkiest, most twisted ladies in SL to start up an escort agency dedicated to EXTREME BDSM, EXTREME RLV, and NO LIMITS/FEW LIMITS ROLEPLAY. This means torture, snuff, etc. ***please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the post*** Requirements: •Must be 18 or older in RL •Must have an avi that is 18 or older •Must be female OR shemale •Must have NO LIMITS or at least FEW LIMITS when it comes to sexual roleplay •Must be submissive or able to play a submissive role •Must be open to changing outfits/tattoos if a client requests you to do so •Must be open to playing with clients of all genders, species (furries, demons, etc), and races NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Newbies accepted. All accepted applicants will go through a short orientation, regardless of experience. Furries/non-humans accepted! Flexible schedules. You receive 90% the money you make and a bonus payment for every 5 sessions you work. Decide your own rates. To apply, contact Kittelaide Venus Delrosa (username: kittelaide) either inworld or via private message on the SL website. Hope to meet you soon! :) ~Miss Kittelaide ***IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please note that the activities our escorts offer are meant to be ROLEPLAY AND FANTASY ONLY. I am in no way supporting torture, snuff, rape, or any illegal/violent action in real life. Please be safe and keep these activities roleplay only.***
  6. I currently cannot access the viewer, but is adult content allowed?
  7. I am currently planning on creating an exclusive BDSM club/lounge which will be named KHAOTIK — its mascot being the Khaos Kitten, a beautiful, intelligent, and empowered woman who is accepting of clients of all types and who knows how to have fun. She will serve as a submissive escort, exotic dancer, greeter, hostess and model for KHAOTIK. The sexual persona of a Khaos Kitten is submissive and ready to serve her client with eagerness and sensuality. A flirty, submissive attitude should be maintained by the Kitten while she is working. The ideal candidate will meet the following requirements: •have a high quality avatar with female genitalia and body parts •be of the human species (sorry furries! you are of course still welcome to visit the lounge however) •be open to serving female/shemale clients •have a high interest in BDSM/holding a submissive role •be polite, flirty, and entertaining •be organized and dedicated •open to new experiences—sexually (fetishes, sex with same sex, etc) and otherwise. •feel comfortable with being fully nude/almost fully nude in front of a room full of strangers •know her own limits and be certain of herself •MUST be 18 or older in RL to apply. You do not need to be a certain age in SL, as long as you play the role of someone who is 18 or older. NEWBIES ACCEPTED. You do not need any previous experience in the industry to get started. Just have the look and play the part and you'll do great:) Your salary will be determined once the lounge actually opens (which will likely be within the next month if things go right). Since we are just starting out, however, do not expect excessively high pay for a bit. However, you take 100% of the tips you make and you decide your escort rates, which you take 90% of. I am fine with creating a flexible schedule with you so you may work the hours that fit best. As for uniform: All of the Kittens will work in the nude except for a pair of black heels (which, ideally, you should provide yourself) and a pair of cat ears and a cat tail to wear to fit the Kitten look. ALSO, we will need a manager, so if that type of job interests you please contact me. Thank you guys!! This is something I'm really hopeful about — and I hope that KHAOTIK and its Kittens can become a reality sometime in the near future. :) Much love, Kittelaide
  8. hi!!!<3 i am interested, please message me here or inworld, i might not see the inworld one til later though because im currently at work and using my phone to write this
  9. do you like girls dear? if so, please message me.
  10. Are you into girls? If so, please message me either here or inworld.
  11. okay, so ive been playing for two days only, got the premium membership and selected a Linden home, went to explore, never once have seen my home because everytime i click the "go home" button it says my home is unavailable and sends me off to a "nearby area". I really just wanna be able to get to my house lol i havent even seen it once.:( do any of the sweet people here have any advice? much love, kitte ps. im using the Firestorm viewer. Though I used the Second Life Viewer a bit too at first and had this same problem.
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