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  1. Forgive me for digging out this old thread. :smileyembarrassed: But I have just encountered the worse case: an asymmetrical mesh. Is there a way to mirror bone weights of asymmetrical meshes in Blender, besides of the already suggested solutions?
  2. Thanks again, Dain. I did not know about that all vertices have to be assigned a weight. In my particulcar case I have just found out the the subsurf modifier disconnected the button from the rest of the dress. Weird, no? Anyway, I connected it again and now weights look ok and everything is moving as it should. Fantastic! Again, thanks for your valuable input.
  3. Thanks for your answer, Dain. It's working! But only in Blender. After upload, certain parts of the mesh are not following the avatar movements anymore (it is a little button of a dress in the back neck). It is moving separately from the rest of the dress. Any ideas?
  4. Hello friends, I would like to automatically assign the weights of the leg bones only to the mesh, the others I've weighted manually. Is it possible to only assign those weights to the mesh?
  5. Problem description: CTRL+P Set Parent to - Armature Deform - With Automatic Weights assigns weights to the zipper (fig. 2), but when rotating the bone mChest by Y 90 degrees, the zipper moves out of its relative position to the top (fig. 3). fig. 1 fig. 2 fig. 3 Also, after uploading the zipper and the top to SL, the zipper does follow the avatar movements but does not stay in its relative position to the top. Changing the weights manually so that relative positions stays the same in Blender, does not affect the independant movements in SL. Questions: Can an object be too small to take advantage of the automated weights? If the vertices are too close to each other? Is there a restriction regarding the minimal size for mesh uploads in SL?
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