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  1. Hello, my name is Kirito Mai, knwn as Kirito, Voca, or Vocaloid. I am currently looking for a job as a security guard or police officer. I have lots of experience in both roles and have all of my own equipment. I'm ready when you are. If you're interested, feel free to comment or shoot me an IM! I'm online pretty much daily.
  2. Yes, I have tried everything believe me but that still doesn't work.
  3. Sherrif works for me. I want the highest rank you have, I have more than a years experience RPing in another sim.
  4. Hello~ I am looking for a 300L or less weekly rent land or skybox for rent, maybe even home. I want to have nice prims and i will be living with a friend there. we will be taking turns paying weekly. leave a comment!
  5. Hello, so I use the firestorm 64 bit viewer, and it will freeze if im lagging badly or too much is going on, or of course griefing. When it freezes and I click the X button, it will NOT close. it will say "Firestorm is not responding. You may wait or close the program." I click close, wait and wait and wait, click X again, it says something about Firestorm is not responding and has a "End Process" button. I have clicked it millions of times and waited a good 30 minutes and nothing. This causes me to have to restart my ENTIRE computer which is annoying and a hassle. This has been going on with both the LL viewer and firestorm viewer ever since I got this computer. Its not the best for SL but its alright. I run my game in the lowest graphics. Any advice on how to make Firestorm close without shutting down? Thanks.
  6. You can find it somewhere on the internet. LOL.
  7. Pleease IM me ^^ Im interrested in lindens a week, not money.
  8. Konnichiwa!~ My name is Kirito.. or Devils. I am looking for a sugar daddy to help me put some money in my pockets =^^= ! I am willing to do anything, including sexual, but it will not go further than SL hehe~ If I chose to when we are close, I may share some RL info with you.. I am asking 100-200L weekly paid on Fridays.. If I was good you can pay me 200L, If I was okay you can pay me 100L. I am almost always online but if I log randomly I crashed. IM me or post a reply here, vocaloid9myka ! Byebye ^^
  9. Hello, i am looking for a good paying job. anything will do! I really need some cash fast and i am a good, honest and loyal worker. IM me im in world right now, vocaloid9myka
  10. Hey, Maybe try clearing cookies and cache? I know for me that worked.
  11. I open my firestorm viewer and as soon as it gets to Initializing VHS it freezes. Its never done this before and I use firestorm, how do I fix this? PLEASE HELP!! My internet is working fine and everything!
  12. Hey, I would like some help. For me, Second Life is freezing every five minutes. I have my graphics all the way down on low, I've reinstalled and restarted countless times, but nothing works! I'd like some help, ty.
  13. So, pretty much everytime I play SL about after 30 minutes, it freezes! EVERY TIME! The most recent one (just a few minutes ago), I was just standing, talking to a few people and minding my business, and then of course after 30 minutes, IT FREEZES. When it freezes the only way I can close the frozen viewer is to shut down or restart. This is getting SUPER annoying and I want it fixed now! PLEASE help!
  14. So. My friend bought Lindens and shes not getting them? Please answer here and HELP US!
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