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  1. I doubt the SL devs even care anymore. As Cathy said in one of her videos, the Mesh Deformer was in beta for 2 years, and Fitted Mesh for a couple of months, and LL decided to rush out the Fitted Mesh Project, which has been disastrous to SL ever since. The new starter mesh avatars are proof of this. They are probably the #1 reason at turning away new players. Just imagine being a newbie. You see some clothing, so you put it on, and then your avatar looks like the first pic in the original post. What a disaster! There isn't a uniform standard for avatar clothing and attachments, which ma
  2. This isn't possible to do. SL doesn't allow importing particles, so you would have to create that fur with particles, then somehow convert them to mesh (polygons), then texture them with fur textures. The only other way, from what i know, is to make flexi-prims within SL using their build tool, but that would lag too much, and it's highly discouraged due to script/prim count in regions.
  3. These are some of the best tutorials for getting started. These are truly the basics. You don't have to do the exercises if you don't want, and you can just choose the videos without them.
  4. Ugh, i know how you feel OP. All the mesh bodies are too limiting in choice. I really wish the "mesh deformer" project would've prevailed, because it was far superior, allowing us to use the default avatar without having to worry about appliers, huds, alphas, etc.
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