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  1. I bought at THE SHOPS, a complete avatar, when I'll put accessories such as mouth, eyebrows, eyes, they do not appear in the EDIT STYLE MENU, They say I have to go to the Shops shopping, I have bought all but bought Shape and eyes and received not being online at the time of purchase. I want to know how do I add the accessories in EDIT STYLE.
  2. my purchases were made at THE SHOPS all online. I put a copy of my account handling record, it appears that received a part of the purchases and then immediately stopped. Besides being charged duplicate, If the Owner of this store continue to ignore me, I will have lost my ten thousand lindens? So consumers are unprotected people with bad intentions?
  3. I bought items in THE SHOPS store that were not delivered, and were charged twice. below is the duplicate items charged and not delivered, ask for help, please. Date / Time ID Prefix Detail Debit Credit Closing balance 2/12/2015 5:28:08 17093b1b Destination: TheShops Resident payment Region: The Shops Description: Buy L $ 500 in Credits! L $ 500 L $ 2981 2/12/2015 4:50:40 23b84948 Destination: Resident ShoppingCart payment Region: The Shops Description: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Shape (f) - 500 L Sexdoll L $ 3,481 USD 2/12/2015 4:49:43 87502dec Destination: Resident ShoppingCart payment Region: T
  4. How i Use the ADD command to wear more than one item on a clothing layer or more than one attachment on an attachment point?
  5. alguem conhece um viewer que funcione mesh e nao seja muito pesado? meu avatar mesh aparece bugado
  6. I wonder as seen head and body in mesh avatar when I seen the head mesh body moves appearing to skin, and if I put the body mesh to mesh head disappears. How can I use both the shirt wear me only wearing one?
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