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  1. I don't know which forum this would go into, but for the past couple of months I keep recieving random teleport requests from various accounts, mostly these accounts have blank profiles and have no groups listed. The places to the teleport is always some club, adult sex hangout, dance clubs etc etc. How do I make these stop, and how do I find out where they are getting my name from to do this? this is so frustrating!
  2. Correct. However - I cannot cash out, as I cannot do anything with that account. I cannot log in, I cannot access my messages or notices, I cannot pay my land fees, I cannot even access my marketplace on that account. My question was really in trying to figure out how long this would take - as not being able to log into my account is very frustrating especially since I have so many assets attached to it.Will I be blocked for a few days? a week? a few months? this is really worrying me and I don't want to lose my inworld land, or miss out on customers needing help etc.
  3. truth be told I don't often check my email account linked to me SL main account (where I have my store etc). Anyways I was in the middle of building today - when All of a sudden I got logged out. - Apparently my account was BLOCKED for not providing the required documents and identification required by Linden lab as per an email sent by them. Anyways - after scrolling through the multitude (2,000 +) of emails I'm sure many merchants here are familiar with, I found the Email that the secondlife employee was speaking about whilst on the phone with him. Anyhoo - I've filled out the document and sent, as well as the copy of my drivers liscence requested. My question is this - Has anyone else here encountered this? (account blocked) and alos how long did it take to be resolved? Will I still recieve proceeds from my sales inworld and on marketplace? I'm very worried about this as I have been working on my store for about 2 years now. Please if anyone else has encountered this please let me know how you/secondlife resolved it. Thanks!
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