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  1. Thank you all so much for the input Greatly appreciate it! <3
  2. Just figured i'd post something here since I didn't know how to search this, and in turn could not find a solution. Anyways, some hairs have this thing involving their opacity/alpha with the mesh to make the hair strands blend. And for some clothing / furniture/ tattoo system layers / water ect. the hair will cause anything behind or around it to become transparent. Which makes you see clear right through the clothing, cause tattoo's to be invisible if the hair is around it, cause water to disappear if it's around the head of your avatar. I don't know if it's a issue that could be resolved with a flick of a settings button or not but, if there is a way I would really appreciate the support I like to take picture on second life so I run into this situation often and it can make things a pain lol. Below is a screen shot of the issue in world. Thank you https://gyazo.com/324d97c2a60483cf264c2a7901aa2d35
  3. Computer Specs. Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3110M CPU @ 2.40GHz System Type 64-bit Operating System, x64-Based Proceessor 4.00 GB RAM ------------------ Anyways, onto my question. I'm having issues with Second Life. I was first using Firestorm and thing's were fine for awhile until a few years later where things began to lag and the Textures / Objects. So, I had removed Firestorm and ended up turning to Second Life Viewer. Which was working for almost a month now until it began to do the same exact thing. For example, Trees stay in zig zag lines, Grass is squared and zig zagged. Flat prims are squares/circles with grey textures. Avatar stays a white cloud til awhile after. Then the avatar has some objects loaded with the textures but most textures stay a solid color or blurry. It's becoming really annoying to deal with and I would really like some help if possible. ------------------- Preference Settings: https://gyazo.com/3d48ddbe30d8290a6d55e70ba98979a6
  4. The cache recommendation worked. Thank you so much <3
  5. So, today I decided to log in. The past couple of days before logging in today, thing's have been fine. Nothing to report to be wrong as I sort through my inventory and outfits. But today, something really odd and agitating happened. I was helping my friend with shopping and went into my inventory to find a landmark. I go to my clothing folder to find a landmark in one of the folders I have in there, since most creators tend to put a landmark in the files that have their products in it. Well, as I went in to my clothing folder, all of my folders were empty. Whatever happened, caught me off guard because I dont know how that happened. Everything in every folder was gone, aside the folder it was in previously. So, I check my trash folder and everything that was in the folders they were supposed to be is in there. And not just my clothing, it happened to a bunch of other things as well. Objects, textures, Body parts, ect. Is there a way I can immediately restore everything back into the folders? Or am I going to have to painfully put every little thing back in their place? Again...I dont know how this happened, I'm a pretty clean person when it comes to keeping my inventory tidy...So this is insane and to be frank. Pisses me off at a high scale. Anyone have any ideas on how this happened?
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