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  1. I would normally agree, it isn't worth the effort of an Abuse Report. Although why let the ghastly little monster away with it? I would like to add that as an avatar of a few years now (old age) and having done new user support, there is not much that takes me by suprise, Although this did!
  2. I had heard about a trend for blackmail in SL of getting caught in compromising postitions (with ones trousers down) and then being told to pay up or else your partner gets the pictures. Although I got something much less exciting, living on the Fruit Islands SIM, it isn't so shocking to often see avatars of both sexes strolling around or sailing in the nude. I had a visitor to my little island, a rather scruffy little avatar, nude with the exception of a pair of boots! (not my cup of tea at all). However I do try not to judge (lol) they were a 4+ year account (explains the cheapy look I tho
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