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  1. Its about time these issues were made clear instead of giving half assed answers truth and fact are what is needed in any any customer support, I am amazed to find the lack of accurate info in the forums and support, LL need to take their heads out of their asses and sort all the payment issues out and make it easy for everyone to buy cash in the game not everyone wants a credit card or bank account pre paid cards are a good way to do this as are game top up cards, are those in charge that arrogant to this that they just dont care about their customers needs or the fact they will lose a lot of potential customers. guess the fat cats just dont care, well wake up call you are losing people every day because of this issue, i have lost the rental because linden labs will not make it easy to buy cash for sl, ps you do have people play out side of the usa you know, so its in your interest as a business to sort this out before you end up with a half dead sl, sheer incompetents of linden labs, not a very bright way to run a business
  2. i live in the uk and have a pre paid credit card but cant seem to set up a billing accountthe card has cash on it and i need to get lindens to pay rent in sl
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