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  1. I certainly don't remember doing that, or even using this menu before, but it was unchecked and when I re-checked it, the problem was fixed. Thank you all for your responses.
  2. Yes, that's a workaround I've been using. It works but is much slower.
  3. I always put my cursor directly on the ring I'm trying to move. When I click and hold the cursor on a ring, the degree ticks normally show up around it, letting me know it was ready to be moved. But now, just the ring is there.
  4. Recently, on Firestorm 6.0.1, I've noticed that when I use the Rotate tool on the Edit tab of an object, there are no degree marks on any of the three axis controls. Therefore I can't align objects as precisely as I'd like. I don't know what has changed, but I'm wondering if there is a setting associated with seeing the degree marks that somehow was turned off. Any ideas?
  5. I had the following conversation yesterday with a friend as we were saying good night (I've changed her name for TOS purposes). Please note the two messages in bold. [2018/05/08 18:53] Miss X: ty [2018/05/08 18:53] Hettange Ferryhill: You're welcome. [2018/05/08 18:53] Miss X: sweet [2018/05/08 18:53] Second Life: Miss X is offline. [2018/05/08 18:53] Hettange Ferryhill: I'll see you tomorrow. [2018/05/08 18:53] Second Life: Miss X is online. [2018/05/08 18:53] Hettange Ferryhill: Hugs. As you can see, after she appeared to go offline, there was a message saying tha
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