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  1. I am looking for a animator for handheld food items and static poses. As I have a family friendly store brand, I would need sized animations for male/female/kid avatars as the generic animations I have at the moment are too basic to fit those 3 avatar types. I would need higher priorities as the animations I hold right now are not viable with most current ao's and they are not high enough priority to stay. I would like to request a single animation for our first co-project and work from there. Most of the animations I would need would be handheld bento poses, and bento animated eating, drinking, and holding a plate/fork or spoon/ while eating. I have an example of what I'm asking for. If you would like to commit to working with us, I would love to discuss future projects we have planned and work with your high quality animations. I'm open to both mo-cap and avastar. I would require .anim files to upload. Discussion of rates and the example needed are what I would love to discuss in world. You can send a Notecard to Late Billig in world and I can have the example ready and information to see if our work would fit your expertise.
  2. We are a original mesh store, and have been around since 2016. If you would like to see our quality please visit our Flickr @ I have examples I can show for each of these projects and how we would prefer them to be done for customer satisfaction and functionality. I will also provide information on our project once contact is met. A google doc and in world information will be sent. (If you can meet only one project please feel free to still contact me.) These are the projects we would like to partner with you on: 1. I will have a large project for Junk Food, the store brand, it will involve scripted food. My plans are very large, so serious inquiries only please. I will pay well, and we can discuss a commission on every sale made in world and on marketplace. We need a dedicated scripter that can do either the commission work or contract with us for this project. 2. I also am searching for someone to help me script a ferris wheel ride, and possible swings in the future. These would need more of a rotation for the wheel/carts on an axis and rotation as the carts spin. Unfortunately I am unable to script to this level and would like to find someone to work with in the future, as our brand makes many items and our 2 person team works on average 7-8 events per month, weekend sales, and gacha events such as The Epiphany, and soon the Arcade. You would have a steady stream of income and work with our Store. Thank you for your time, as I don't check the forums often please message me in world: Late Billig. My offlines go to email, so I will see your message immediately. If you have any information about your rates, experience, or questions you're more than welcome to leave me a notecard of more details.
  3. Hey, I made a script like that in world, if you want I can toss it your way. Just hit me up in world, as I rarely check forums and responses unless I'm hiring for something.
  4. Rowan put a great suggestion up, Killi's one of the better scripters I've ever met, so you won't go wrong with his option, quoted above as the resident made themes Pacifier.
  5. I am in need of a script for a scavenger hunt I'm arranging. In this hunt people will click on different items, once clicked these items are 'added' to the quest hud. Once all the regular items are found, they then click on the main prize to get their item. I would need this done in about a week so please if you can do this please contact me in world at Late Billig, I will pay very fairly for any work.
  6. Hi there, I own a store in Second Life, and am currently working on a bicycle. I need a script that will make the pedals disappear when the avatar is moving as it's a wearable attachment. I am willing to pay and need the work asap. Thank you and hope to hear from a scripter soon.
  7. Looking for a scripter to make a click to animate hud, and click for a smoke particle. We're making vapes and I want those who purchase the item to be able to use their vapes with these huds. Once the hud has been clicked the vape will continue to animate the avatar and smoke will play until they are deactivated via the hud. Anyone who can help us with this projects we would love to work with on this.
  8. Looking to hire a scripter for a small project in world. Please contact me in world. I need someone who can help script a basketball set I've made. It will need to be animated, tell the thrower when they've made a basket. We have a basket wall version, and one that will be throwing into a trash can. So the items thrown are a basketball and a piece of wadded up paper and the basketball goal/trashcan. I have all the mesh ready in world just need someone to help make this happen. Thank you for your time.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion for the scripting forum, maybe I can find the help there. I have several door scripts as I've used them in builds for the past. In regards to your question, I just thought it was a neat idea to have the food reappear after having been clicked, and 'restocked' after the door is closed after use.
  10. I'm looking to hire someone to script a refrigerator, It'll need a close-able door, and a touch script for the food. I want the food to disappear when it's touched inside the fridge and to reappear once it's been closed and reopened. If this job goes well we have many other ideas and scripting jobs we could use for help. I have an example of what I want done in world and need to speak with you ASAP about the job. We will have the objects ready for scripting as soon as you are hired. Thank you for your time. My name is Late Billig in world, please contact me there, my ims go to offlines.
  11. I'm searching for an experienced scriptor to help with our future works at our store in second life. We're an original mesh brand, and while I can handle some small script work, I want to branch out and offer even larger projects. We make all our own mesh, animations (bento and static), and have been in business for some time. For more information about the projects please contact Late Billig in world. My Ims always are set to go to my email so I'll be able to reply anytime. We will offer fair rates and do our best to present you with our hard work and efforts.
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