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  1. Hello guys, i'd need to get some open collar scripted restraints. I know i can get a collar easily for free and i got it but i can't find some ballgag and blindfold. Do you know some merchant who sells open collar items? Thank you in advance.
  2. Your lore reminds me a lot the one of the TV show "Lucifer" apart the facts that Lucifer own a club :-) The place seems interesting I'll have a look soon Keep up the good work!
  3. I am looking to work for couples, families, clubs and sims. I provide hosting and waitressing services. Can be PG, Mature or Adult: i have formal and sexy maid and host uniforms. Are you having a party or a dinner night at home with your soulmate or your friends and family? Are you hosting an event or are you having a work meeting with your staff? Your rezzday is coming and you are planning a party? If you can answer yes to these questions, then i can most definately help you! I can serve you drinks and food, greet and interact with your guests, talk, chat and even flirt... and maybe more! I a
  4. [ ME IN SL ] I am clearly overly feminine. Was once a strong lad but a kidnap led to an encounter with a woman who decided my fate was going to be that of a feminized male. I really have no other option other than to accept my position and do what i can with what I have been given. [ ME IN RL ] I am a bi-male in RL and In SL i roleplay my character 24/7 and he's a male transformed into a female by his ex p.a. and her boyfriend. I am not as young in SL as it may seem from my birth date: i have more than 1000 days experience with my old male avi. i decided to restart my SL after a 4 months break
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