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  1. I wanted to re-texture a shirt and add a word/phrase on it, but it looks like the texture map is only half of the shirt and I assume it's then mirrored. Basically I want to make an asymmetrical texture with a one-side mirroring texture map. edit. it's for the kemono, and I've seen some mods for the shirt have asymmetrical text on them, so I know there must be some way this is done! How do I go about doing this?
  2. Yeah I've tried all the usual AO places I frequent already, but both of those places specialize in more average human-centric animations where the arms clip heavily (since they're designed for tiny lil' human hands, even if they accommodate for wider hips). I was wondering if anyone knew a certain line that works for something like that, but it looks like I'll just have to put one together in pieces.
  3. So I recently got a new furry avi [ this one here ] and I haven't been able to find an AO that really works with it. It's very wide and thick so the hands and legs clip a lot for walking, sitting and any general animation. Now, since I have a lot of furry avatars I'm pretty used to having to pick and choose from the few that work with their anatomy, and even select individual animations from different things to make a customized one. However, on this one it seems even hard to do that as ANY animation that doesn't clip is very very hard to find. I was wondering if anyone knew of some AO's that are good for this kinda thing?
  4. So I recently got some cool new lashes for my kemono avatar, and picked up the free lashes/brow tint editor but it doesn't seem to be working with the lashes (It works with the brows.) I know there's a manual way but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it. I've tried selecting them but there's junk in the way (the frame work for the sunglasses that appear in one of the face expressions i believe) So if anyone could lemme know how to do that, I'd be eternally grateful!
  5. Mainly looking for a nice place to wander around, that's big and interesting looking! I'm not super social so meeting people isn't easy for me, but at least exploring is pretty simple and fun to do on my own. I have a Jounney (the game) inspired furry avatar so, it would be nice if the area was safe for that aha;; And any desert/arabic looking places would be neat too ;v; Thanks for reading!!
  6. Oh thanks for the suggestions! I haven't watched much of RWBY so I'd probably prefer the one you're helping with. Quick questions for you before I check it out though, do you have a website with rules/information on it, or is it all in world? And, would the avatar linked in the post above be qualfied as 'anime' enough?
  7. Recently I spent a ton of L to make a nice avatar for a supernatural sim recommeneded to me by a friend. Me and another pal rented a house (150 L a week), bought furniture, and EVERYThing for it. It was our first RP so we wanted to go aaaalll out. But unfortunately I just learned that... the sim has been deleted. ;n; SO, I would like to look for another sim, where I can throw my witch character in. He wears modern clothing, so it must be modern AND it must be long term / relaxed. I most likely will not rent a house or anything like that because I'd fear the same thing happening... Personally I dont really RP erotic things, so I would prefer something that isn't focused on that, but more story/enviroment/character driven. It doesn't HAVE to allow supernatural things (he can just be a holistic wiccan i suppose), but I would prefer that. I recently got a job (IRL) so i don't have a bunch of time, but I want something I can at least use the avatar in occasionally. Thanks for reading!!. (sorry for editing, i keep rewording the title so it's more understandable pff)
  8. I'm retexturing a kemono hoodie (this one) and I was wondering if there was a way to preview the texture on the hoodie instead of paying to reupload it n case it looks wrong. edit. I forgot to mention I'm using the fire storm viewer Does anyone know if theres a way to do this, or do I just have to deal with wasting a ton of L ;n;
  9. I'm fairly new to all this custom moding stuff, but I haven't been able to find an affordable AO that I liked so I was thinking of making a custom one with single/stand alone animations . I heard that Firestorm ( the viewer I use) has an AO panel deal, and you can simply drag your animations to the panel, but what do you do after that? Does that work for walks, and runs as well? It would be super great if anyone could explain in a little more detail how to do it, since I haven't seen much besides dragging the animation, haha. Thanks for reading though!!
  10. Hello! My friend would like to make a custom skin for their DSD (Dark Spot Designs) rabbit avatar and I can't seem to find the textures around. If anyone could link me to them, that would be awesome!! Thanks a bunch~
  11. Oh wow thanks a lot! That sounds easy enough.
  12. I've seen a few people with an extra set of bright green tags usually below their normal tags (username, avi name and group) and a friend and I think they're the Role Play tags we've heard about. I tried searching all over the internet and this forum for where to get them but no luck ;n; We're in a casual rp group and it would be useful to have an extra set of tags ! Does anyone know where/how to get them? We'd love to have them! Thanks so much for reading~
  13. Hello! I just got myself a BC shire avatar and I've been looking for things to fancy it up with when I came across this ad for horse dances. The horse in the ad is wearing a purple bell collar looking deal and it's just gorgeous! I can't find it anywhere and would love it if anyone could Identify it or find something similar. Thanks for reading !
  14. Oh thank you both!! Wow that's a lot easier than I thought great uvu I can totally do that. Is there a specific way to make something glow or is that more complex ?
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