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  1. Wow, there is a lot to read here. I will respond on my alt to avoid being profiled. I think that the hysteria over this system is ridiculous. If your biggest issue in Second Life is a a vampire gaming system that isn't even noticeable, then I would say your life is doing rather well. Why do people get so worked up over such triviliaties? I'm in the Bloodlines System and the Progeny system. I'm in Bloodlines as a Human and Progeny as a 3rd generation Vampire. I do not use the Bloodlines system much at all yet because I cannot afford to buy the Forever Amulet and I do not think it is all that possible for me to feed as much as is necessary. It's still a system that I appreciate and intend to get more involved with in the future. Progeny is my preferred system. Before I became Progeny, someone drank my blood until I became a Shade(Dead). The system discourages against such practice because blood is regenerated unless you're dead. I don't know who fed on me and I'm quite over it. I went searching through various clans and found a clan that uses both systems. They revived me and turned me into a Progeny vampire. For all the complaints made about Progeny, it's really not worse than Bloodlines. With Bloodlines, you send bite requests and some people are annoyed by that. Then the bite is instant and you're in the system forever until you put on the garlic necklace. In Progeny, if we are biting you, the bite is very gradual and you have the chance to escape. You just aren't paying attention to the fact that we have our fangs sticking out! Another vampire started feeding on me today while I was afk and I escaped when I came back and noticed him there. I could have gotten upset about it but then I just went hunting and got back my pint. A human regains their blood after a few days and then it's as if they were never biten. If a Vampire clan claims that they don't bite the unwilling, then perhaps that is true for their clan. They still have the ability to chat with people. Maybe they DO talk to people and ask before they can bite. Everybody is different. RP is what you make of it. If they want to get their victims more involved in it, that's their choice. For me, I have my own personal ethics. For me, I give myself bonus points if I see someone is a pedophile or being a jerk to other people. I'll feed on them happily. So in that way, I work as a bit of an anti-hero. I don't feed off of other clan members. If I like your sim, not only will I not feed on your property, but I also will do you the favor or scanning you on occasion and helping you out if you need it. So in those regards, I could be your ally instead of a pest. I had been hanging out on a sim for weeks and decided to invite my partner there to dance. My partner tried to recruit someone, first making polite conversation with them. But that person was so xenophobic that they had my partner permabanned from the sim, made a big group announcement about it, and then threatened to have me removed. So, in a way, all of this hysteria and hatred adds to my RP because while I might think as a human, it is more YOU PEOPLE who really create the separation between human and vampire. Again, I think if you're going to be so delicate about the issue, you really don't belong on Second Life or any other game. ETA: There have been times where I have scanned people and if I see they are a Shade, I will inform them and try to help them get revived, if that's what they want. I also see it as an opportunity to ask them if they want to be a Vampire instead. The last time I did this, the person decided to try and set up a security system against Progeny and told me they wanted to report the HUD to Linden. After that incident, I've decided that I no longer want to assist strangers, if that's the kind of mentality they have. And don't ever compare this to rape, ever. Don't compare anything to rape. Just don't go there. ETA2: And there is not MORE drama in Progeny than Bloodlines. There is drama on every sim in SL. I'm rather new to all of this and I hear about drama all day from so many clans that are BL. "With it seems no way or means to resolve such a matter, other than joining as in so doing spreading your seed amonst those whom had never any wish to be a part of it.." No one has to join Progeny. I helped someone buy the potion to revive themselves, and they are human again. They still hate anyway, so meh.
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