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  1. Job listings at Acacia Falls RP Community: Government Mayor - Zizi Hyde (ZiziHyde) Dept Mayor - Ela (Elanessa) Chief of Staff - Windelyn Serenity Special Investigative Commission - Mace Vaughan (1Mace1) District Attorney - Rosie Nitely (Arwyn Silverweb) Asst District Attorney - Vacant Property Tax Administrator - Vacant Acacia Bank Teller - Vacant Acacia Falls Educational Center Principal - Frannie Fizzle Vice Principal - Vacant School Nurse - Vacant Preschool Teacher - Frannie Fizzle Kindergarden Teacher - Vacant 1st - 5th grade Teacher - Vacant Mi
  2. Acacia Falls Family RolePlay Community Come Visit the best Family RP community, recently expanded again to 12 SIMS. We even have an adjacent Adult RP Sim ( Owned by someone else), that is connected via ferry Our 11 sim community is just what you're looking for. ASK ABOUT OUR MOVE IN SPECIALS!! Fixed Rates at 1.5 L per prim at all locations. Choose from our pre-set Housing or bring your own home (Conditions Apply) ▶ Next Gen Adoption Cener. ▶ Singh's Automotive Headquarters ▶ Motorcycle Club ▶ Fully Functional Radio Station down town. ▶ Ability to set y
  3. Everything was fine with my sl last night. This evening i log in and im a cloud...i have had this before so i go through the steps for the character testing...this doesn't fix it...instead of a long story i will say i have done the following: character testing texture refresh renderunloadedavatars set to true...set to false..set to true again...(true only works on the sl viewer) deleted and reinstalled all viewers (singularity, sl and firestorm) 64 bit reset my internet modems (yes i lost internet last night) hard booted all modems and my own computer several hundred times followed all the
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