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  1. ūüíčLove on the beach ! Ladies and girls take your cab https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Little River/82/57/1717
  2. Dark Music for Dark Fetish Party with Djee Dark Queen ! *Women only* Click your cab here
  3. Don't Miss this great set by the amazing Dj Queen. ‚ô•Girls Only‚ô• Dress code is Fetish as leather, latex, nylon, naked your cab is waiting : Bring us to the Fetish Party !
  4. Don't miss this party Ladies and Girls your cab : Pssst ....
  5. It's time to open the beach at Rose-Club ! Come with your friends and have fun and feel happy on this great mix of our amazing Dj Queen who will spin the best songs of Funky, Reggae and Soul music for our pleasure ! ! ! Come in front of the sea , your cab is waiting you --->>Go to the Funky Reggae party...
  6. Don't miss this great Mix with our amazing Dj Queen who will spin for you Dark wave, Synt wave, Electro music. Your Taxi is below for The Rose-Club, D/s Lounge for *Women Only* Click here for the Dark Fetish Party !
  7. Click to take your Cab here
  8. Hello Ladies ,come party and have fun with us ! ! ! your taxi is waiting: Click here
  9. Set of Dark Music for *Women Only* Grab your cab ------->>> Go to Rose-Club at the Fetish party
  10. Your cab is waiting you and your friends here
  11. Have party with us, dress in your fav fetish D/s outfit and take your cab with your friends !!! --->go to the Rose-Club
  12. Rock and party with with us Ladies ! Take your cab here
  13. Come party and have fun with us. Dress in your fav fetish outfit ,come as you are , naked or die! Grab your cab here : Go to Rose-Club !
  14. Come party with us on sensual songs of Downtempo music ! Your limousine is here : -->Go to the Rose-Club
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