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  1. Hey there, Yes, friendship IS possible when you are not interested in the "sexual" or "dating" side of things, but in my experience, it has been harder to find and takes more time to develop. For the 4 years I have been on SL I have never been interested in the dating side of it. While my profile has never said so, if a man approached me wanting more than just a regular dance or conversation, I have always told him flat out that I am married in RL and am just on SL for friendship. I have actually made friends with men who are also married in RL like I was, simply because I have told them t
  2. Calista said: "You're still telling your story whenever the opportunity presents itself, again now in your replies to our responses to you. You need to LISTEN vs. HEAR the opinions/advice offered to you and yes, even the judgments that were passed by some people." I have a feeling YOU'RE not really "listening" either. You're just complaining because I am trying to explain something to some people who might not quite understand. I don't have a problem with people not understanding but I do have a problem when people still fail to listen. And why am I pointing this out to you? Because I used
  3. Sadly, sometimes love happens to us when we are not looking. Sadly, it can happen when we are married to other partners. SL, unfortunately, makes acting on those feeling alot easier than if it ever happened to RL. And sadly, that can lead to deeper feelings and the urge and temptation to see somebody RL. As somebody else pointed out on here, that is simply normal. Not necessarily right but normal. I am sure a year ago, I could have easily sat where you are, and say all those same things. But experience can change perspective. And I believe I DO have room to condemn him. While our re
  4. Check out Nikkita Freebies. It goes on forever! Many many floors! Also Freebies Dungeon has oodles of stuff. You will never have to use a Linden again LOL!
  5. Calista, I have not been on SL for a very long time due to the situation I have written about here. I am NOT interested in developing another situation like it in SL or RL. While I was in SL, I met numerous numerous people who were in RL marriages and were having sex in SL, partnering in SL, etc. Some people here say if married, you have no business taking it into the RL. Hmmm, if married, should anybody be doing it in SL ??? I stayed clean for 4 years in SL. Turned down numerous men. For years. Sometimes **bleep** just "happens." You are right, my marriage is not fulfilling. However,
  6. Hi Let;'s not even get as far as the "living together" stage. If you meet somebody in SL and then take the relationship to RL, and it stabelizes as a RL relationship, then going back to SL and developing yet another relationship there at the same time just wouldn't be right in my book. Here is what happened to me. I met somebody in SL and he became my SL boyfriend. We eventually took it into RL and stopped being on on SL. It did not work out in RL due to RL problems. We probably should have left it in SL.... In any case, we decided our relationship would work best as a phone relations
  7. I know this is an older topic, but I will add my stats here for your knowledge. I was in a regular ol' SL relationship that was not roleplay at all - I was my RL self in SL and he was his RL self in SL. Prior to us meeting in RL (which I believe was a mistake now), we were together in SL for roughly 3 months with the last 2 weeks of that time being partners. The partnership went on for another 4 months but I am not going to count it because those 4 months were spent actually having a 100% RL relationship. I don't know the length of how long it would have gone if we'd just stayedin SL, bu
  8. Hi, and interesting answer. Interestingly, I am not even back in SL these days because I have no wish or desire to repeat history and cheat agian on my RL husband in any form. Yes, the RL hubby has been mainly missing in the story because I am focusing on the guy in SL in this particular post (one can only write so much). But I do have to tell you, I was on SL for four years before this stuff went down, and avoided many many opportunities to be with other men on SL due to having a RL hubby. Some use SL as a platform as a way to do whatever they please because they are not getting what they
  9. Hi Tari, Regarding what you wrote here: I also won't say anythign bad about the guy in the OP's case, because, I can actually see merit to his suggesting they avoid an sl relationship, because, he, clearly, notices there is an issue that *both* of them are likely to ignore and give into even when they should not. Whether or not he goes around finding another "new love" doesn't matter to me. I actually think he's using his head, as far as sl is concerned, even if keeping phone contact is as stupid as it gets(so, he lacks common sense in that right). I can't understand why the OP is hurt by t
  10. Freya, you had the wisest answer I could ask for. Wow. Love it. Thank you for your words of wisdom. And I agree - he prefers an escape without the risk or pressure of anything RL. Those were his words as well. It just hurts, you know?
  11. People talk about transferring their SL relationship into a RL relationship all the time. I think it is only natural, when you fall in love with somebody on SL and become very close to them, to be very curious about them in RL. Esspecially if you are spending all kinds of time with them on SL. There are some great stories about people making a very successful transfer from SL to RL. People have gotten married in RL because they met in SL. Its awesome when this happens. I am totally pro when it comes to successful love connections in RL. But please remember, just because your relationship
  12. My two cents is that in order to sustain a relationship in SL is probably to keep it IN SL if possible. The more you transfer outside of SL to RL, the more it can change how you see that person IN SL. It is very possible to ruin an amazing SL relationship by seeing that other person in person. Not that seeing them in person cannot result in beautiful things.... My point is, it might then be very difficult to go back to just being together on SL. Now you KNOW that person first hand. Now they are REAL. For some, this does not matter. But for others, it does. And that is why I lost my best
  13. I think we all have stories that are about addiction to SL or another game, which is why we are on this post. I am a current Sl gamer who was never much of an addict (maybe spent 30 minutes a night before going to bed wandering around with my avatar) until I met a man in Sl who stole my heart.. He was somewhat of an addict - spending his nights going back and forth between being on SL and spending time with his wife in the living room so she would not suspect what he was doing in his office (he kept SL a secret from her). Not only did this man who was married, as was I, steal my heart, but
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