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  1. I have been away from SL for a while also, and 42 (25 in sl) slowly getting back in there after leaving to get married and live my rl to the best i could, my husband doesn't not mind me playing so looking to meet some friends to chat and hang out with, if you need help or wanna chat hit me up will help as much as i can
  2. Finally got me a home in Porthole Loving it already thank you to everyone that has helped over the last week to understand what to do,,,, really paid off ❤️
  3. thank you for all the info and the help its much appreciated
  4. can you do the refreshing on the website as well as the sl dashboard or is it just sl dashboard, i ask because, i have a borrowed laptop while mine is being fixed and the website refreshes faster lol also SSP is another thread or group?
  5. Oh yes i agree, i dont mind the hard work because it will pay off one day we shall get our homes too
  6. oh well wouldnt that help a little tho still need to be quick or still lose out, sadly i did lose out more then once today
  7. Tho i do not know what automatic refresh is, Congrats Malvina, so happy you got what you wanted
  8. i havent seen it either been refreshing for over an hour lol
  9. oh lol well im a noob LOL i thought you had to pick a home with the premium i been waiting for days to go premium lol thank you
  10. oh ok and i can still use the site to refresh and still comes up?
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