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  1. Hello, thanks for the reply. I believe that there is no defense for that. The object is to copy and transfer, and circulates freely in SL. It spreads like an epidemic and the mostpeople already has this object. The attack continues, the avatar is on my land for only 4 minutes, resource consumption grows progressively ("sometimes 72%") and after 4 minutes neither script works. I lost almost 3 years of work.
  2. Hello Thereza thanks for the replay. I'm posting two images of gyazo to show what happens. http://gyazo.com/0b33109264d90266ba965699955f721f Starting: http://gyazo.com/d38936c79e2154ca59997707b291ffcf Tks all
  3. Hello Amethist thanks for your replay. I'm not the owner of all the region, I have 16,128 sqm on this island (mainland) where these attacks occur. Is a location used by several people, I rent skys, is the parcel belongs to the group. The land is donated to the Group (need invite to join group), run scripts, rez things and object entry for group members only. The greifer this using terrain (a river) of linden (where it is allowed to run scripts), or land neighbors who allow scripts. So he goes there with an avatar, and send tp to your other avatar, and start attaching scripts, 4,000 to 6000, each avatar, and freezes all SIM,. . nothing else works. Thanks to all
  4. Thanks Daisy for your reply, my parcel is in mainland and has 16128 sqm on this island where the attacks are occurring. My parcel is neighbor to a river of LINDEN LABS, and by default the areas of LINDEN allow execution of scripts, and objects. But I'm going to buy the script that I suggested, a "limiter script" but I don't think that will have permissions to eject who's in the area that belongs to LINDEN. I will try. Thank you all.
  5. Since the day 1/8/2015 a resident strikes my land. I and several other people reported the abuse. I have already sent ticket to linden labs. But nothing happens, and the attacks continue, every day several times a day. In the beginning he put huge black balls around the houses, using the land neighbors, I asked the neighbors shut their land and they closed, and black balls (missile1) are over. Now he logs two avatars, and uses 6000 scripts in each, (12000 attachment scripts) and freezes the land, consuming all resources of the region. This is done several times a day.http://gyazo.com/0b33109264d90266ba965699955f721fhttp://gyazo.com/d38936c79e2154ca59997707b291ffcf For more than two years I rent houses and land in SL. I like what I do, I have a blog, I have a channel on youtube with video support to residents I pay Commission to brokers. I own a few land, I don't make any money with it, but I like it and I've worked hard to assemble everything you have. I paid premium account I paid tier. And my job over two years is being destroyed by a greifer. Nobody wants to live in a place like this, and my tenants are leaving their homes, I also wouldn't live. If anyone can help me or guide me on how to proceed I get very thankful, I am very close to give up everything, because it will do a month without that linden labs have no attitude. Tks
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