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  1. Scaler, why is it unrealistic to have customer service available 24/7? Second Life is a world wide product and to have very narrow live chat hours ... yeah that doesn't sit well. And actually contacting a Governance Linden has helped in an emergency in the past. Also, as I stated in my post - I'm a Land Officer there - which means I'm a "Moderator" and it's my responsibility to keep the area safe and G rated for users. If you don't mind people yelling about wanting to indulge in pedophilia... shall I invite them to go over to your land and do it?
  2. I'm a land officer in a new user help area - G rated, desigated safe area - and I have two people who came in asking about where the "p*dos" were, how they could have their way with children, etc etc etc. I removed them.... AR'ed them.. but they're still standing right outside the area. IMing new residents who land. I can't use live chat because of the time it is, and there are no Governance Lindens on as I've IM'ed them all. One has even spoofed my name (how original.. I know). Don't you think there should be some way that people who own land should be able to get an official or
  3. Kyrah, Probably - but the assumption that DarkShawdow666666 got the logs he read via any avenue that's controlled by Linden Lab is not something I'm ready to concede. He did not specify where he got those logs - for all we know he was shoulder surfing someone who was there.
  4. Actually - I did look it up.... Guess what? If it's not in the scope of LL or SL.... it's not against TOS to share local (or even private) chat logs. emphasis mine. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Violating_other_Residents'_privacy_rights
  5. Again - please quote TOS on that. Because I could AR Gregory for sharing my statement here.
  6. Fionalein - LOCAL chat isn't protected. IM chat is. DarkShadow666666, did not say which it was (until he responded.)
  7. Coffee, it's not a violation of TOS to share local chat.
  8. CoffeeDujour - we actually have a mechanism in place if a person has issues with staff. You talk to the Senior Land Officer or the Region Coordinator. Any land officer could have given them the names of either of those two individuals. I don't think that would help Gregory in this case though... the Region Coordinator is the one who kicked him out of group chat. And she's a SAINT.
  9. Gregory had been pushing the envelope for two days with most of the NCI officials. He'd been told many times about trolling. I'm the one who asked him about which version of Chinese he spoke - as I have a note card with landmarks for non native English speakers. He was arguing about the rules in local chat. I asked him to stop arguing and IM me. He continued to argue and annoy other avatars on the sim by bumping them. He was warned verbally. He was banned from the parcel for a total of four hours until he started IMing others on the sim, claiming he was going to grief us and shut down th
  10. Ahhh.... and that was local - I'm right there. And yes, Local chat isn't covered by to "don't share private conversations" TOS - because it's public. Gurl, You can use my PUBLIC chat any time you want. There... that better?
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