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  1. The head and tail are both 100% personal use. Not meant for resale. The artist from Pixel Junk was one of the only few artists I have found. But they're not able to take on commissions for many months. TheI prices were 10.000 L for the tail. And 25.000 L for the head. Which I can very much live with.
  2. As the title says. I am looking for capable mesh artists in Second life. For some reason I can't seem to find anyone that is capable of doing what i want. And even a complete lack of people to find. In short. I am looking for someone who can create a custom head for a anthro character. I'll also need a tail made, that can work with bento. I know what i am asking for isn't cheap, but i was prepared for that. If anyone is capable. Or if you think you can do what i am asking on the outset. Ask me for details and we can work something out!
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