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  1. Being bitten by a vampire is, to me, a violation of my personal integrity and since I am a fairie, also a violation of my Second Life life style. It does not matter if this affects my avatar in any way. It is a symbolic act. If a person comes up to you and describes, using words only, how he raped you, it is not affecting your person. It still is a violatin. What would prevent a 'gaming system' were you raped people instead of biting them? They will never know so what is the problem? Well, the problem is that it is a violation. It does not matter if I get to KNOW that I have been exploited or
  2. To use the Garlic Necklace, go to a place where scripting is allowed. Wear it and touch it and chose activate. It can help ifyou remove your hair, if your hair is really of the big volume type. I spoke with a vampire who claimed that I have been bitten and that they could bite folk now without getting their consent. This sounds outlandish, but! EVERY time I got bite requests before, I muted that resident who gave it and if I was at a safe location, I also AR-ed the resident in quetion for assault. Since I am in their goddamed database now, I could just as well wear their stupid necklace an
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