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  1. For those who have lost their treasured homes, we are very saddened AT such a horrific turn of Events. Hidden Hills welcomes Cumberland residents with open arms in this time, those tenants transferring from Cumberland Cove will receive a discount during this troubling time. Contact keruth.darkwatch for more information!


    Hiddens Hills-Your Family is Our Family


    Here at hidden Hills Family Roleplay Community , we welcome each and everyone of you to come and bask in the new life experiences that we have created just for you.Tired of Dead Roleplay? Looking for a way to spend Quality Family time? Tired of being Alone? Want more Engaging Roleplay?

    Then look no more.With 18 sims....Hidden Hills is your Home away from Home.. COme Bask in the full life entertainment and Communicate with the friendly people who are more than Happy to call you Family.. We are always Ready to Put a smie on the Faces of Your Entire Family. 

    Come on down to hidden hills and speak with one of the Representatives here to have your slice of the Pie..

    Hidden Hills Family Roleplay community is Fun Fun Fun Guranteed....

    For More information Please Contact

    Alexander B. Mancino MD (keruth.darkwatch)


  2. Hello everyone..Its Me Skylar Charlotte Alexeev and i back with a new post this time im looking for a brother or a sister....i recently got married and i have 3 stepkids whom i have grown to love,however they dont come on as often and my husban is busy with creating a school and what not so these days im usually at home alone browsing mpp or just singing to my self on mic... I am really looking to have a brother or a sister who can accompany me in those times when i really need some one to talk to.. i am on most of the time i am in EST and so i spend most of the time from around 4pm until whenever i feel like i need to get off...that is because i work..i applied for a job as a paralegal so im hoping the scedule will change and i will have a new time available....but i really want a bro or a sis..i have 2 sisters but they dont come on anymore and im lonely most time...i love exploring but sometimes when i go out i see people in all their big groups and it kinda discouraes me from even saying hi sometimes i dont know why.. Any ways with that ...i am ^ months preggers currently and its extra stressfull for me...but i do need the company...if u feel like ud want to maybe give it a try u can contact me at blvhhroyale resident

     theree my hubbie in the back


  3. Hi...i saw this and decided to maybe see if u would like to try .....id love to try this but one thing u dnt need to spoil me..i love role play and i always wanted to feeling of belonging....maybe having a huge family and we all enjoy the role play.... I lobe exploring and shopping as well...but i loove the comfort of having someone around who can make me feel surrounded by a million ppl even if its just us.... I in return can provide u wiith the love trust and happiness and family u are looking for....i do hope u consider......message me if u do... Blvhhroyale resident

  4. Hello everyone...Its me..Back at it again with the friend post....It seems tht when i do find friends they stop getting on but whenever they get back ill b e right here...Anyways..I looking to meet some great people that i can connect with and laugh with..i woont share too much about what im looking for because then we wont have much to tlk about but id liketo see how i conne ct with new people......

    Lets give it a try


  5. Hi Everyone Its Arjhai decided to change this post..I am However Going to Go a little in depth about me. I am froom the caribbean first and foremost...im an islander...i have the accent but not as much as other people...i would someday love to meet someone who is loyal and trustworthy and honest as so am i... I love to sing its a thing i do when im bored or angry...i love reading and i also love to write wether it be poems or short stories...i enjoy travels in sl and going shopping.....i also like to visit the clubs  when i have time to...i love being around people but lately i do not know where to find persons to tlk to.. I would love to have some friends that can chill and laugh and we can all go group travelling together....i am @! years old i will be 22 in june but i am a very well versed and mature young woman. i wecome every single one of u on sl to apply wether it be fro frienship or a nice and easy chat.... i am also looking for a new sister....as my old sister hasnt been on sl in a while and is often very busy with her rl....i respect tht as real life comes first......Life is too Beautiful to not know each other......welcome and lets get to chatting



  6. Hi there everyone... o im looking for  some great friends on secondlife...amazing friends,and i have been wanting new friends i guess the luck isnt mine, im aso looking to be a part of a famiy, even if it means we have to start out as brother and sister and gradually grow, i just want a bigger family, i have a sister already but i want more famiy,people who are on more and can have fun.. i love exploring and taking pics and i love shopping...i also ike decorating houses ....sometime i go into anime mode but its only for  short while

    i hope to eet friends appreciative of my preferences

  7. I am looking to make my family a bit bigger...right now its jus me and my sisister tatyana and she doesnt get on as much but it would be extremely nice if i could get like brothers and 2 more sisters..im a really cool person ...i love exploring ..I have a boyfriend who loves the axact same thing.. sometimes we go exploring but it sure would be nice to have some company on these little trips....... so if you think you could use a sister just hit me up in woorld or here and i check this  regularlly because i get alot of messages here.. if you would like, i can include a picture if me so u can get a better fel of what im looking for....i certainly am not looking for drama. Below are some pics of me..i hope you find me as funny when we do meet

  8. I know they say it take a long time to find a best friend. I also know they say that best friends are ppl u grow up with.. but ive seen people meet and become best friends on sll and sometimes i wish to myself that sometime i wanna haave me a best friend. Someone who loves shopping and is willing to have a great time with me ..someone who is funny and smart and knows how to have a good time. also some one who is not scared to say what theyfeel or whats on their mind...mae, female, gays, lesbians,it doesnt matter...i jus wanna have a good friend

  9. hi, im DesChanel....while i have been playing sl for longer than what it says on my profile, i too have been away from it ..i had family and friends but lately everyone has been very didtant. I do miss very much my sisters and my mother but they dnt get online much. i really would like to meet you so we can chat. I am also a person that speaks her mind but im hoping to be a great friend to you

  10. Hello Everyone my name is Jhene' Tokyo KIngston Hunter and i have been searching for the right one...I am Bisexual but ladies really fancy me more, i am looking for the perfect woman whom i can make mine,someone who can keep me happy and i can do the same for her....Wellspoken,trust worthy,Honest and caring..Loves to have fun and isnt afraid around my family,Someone who i can start my own secondlife family with....Men are beginning to be a bore......Here is a picture of me just so u know what i look likekill_004.png

  11. A few months ago  i posted a forum to get a sister and i was vary succesfull, my sister is all i ever wanted, shes funny sweet charming and very loyal,we call each other on viber,skype,talk on facebook and kik messenger,but lately we have been feeling the need to be a trio....so she says i have more luck than her.....i am seeking a lovely sister,someone who is not afraid to be them selves,u dont have to hav mic but it will be a great asset and mic is the only way me and my sis communicate,if we aint typin we tlkin and if her mic not wrkin we dnt tlk hahahahah weird huh ....anyways,we need an aawesome sister so if u fit the vybe just hit me up @BlvhhRoyale Resident or hit my sis @BlvhhFvmous Resident

  12. i have invested nearly 100,00 lindens into my avatar, she is well developed,has alotof clothes and the lastest if not all the mesh bodiesout there...idk where to start on that ...my  account was made purely asa    joke and i never expected to fall inlove with the game as i am now....But you aare quite right

  13. Every now and then it would be really nice to meet  some african american people,i am very much in need of a few black friends,not saying i dnt want white friends but it would be nice to meet some black ppl...everytime i meet someone and i tell them im black...sigh...is racism really tht big still ... damn..sl is lonely for me..people judge me by my name before they even attempt to know me and i am a genuinely sweet caring loving person...i have one sister and one daughter who have known me and love me no matter what...i havent been lucky enough to meet tht special someone but i will meet him or her soon..maybe if anyone reads this they will wanna chat and maybe perhaps  hang out and get to know each other..dont be scared to shooot me an im in world...

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  14. Dash Agency is a company that strives to help businesses both new and existing businesses to strive, helping your business make important decisions that could lead to a successful venture.. 

    We are currently Looking for two marketing agents who are:

    -willing to accept training as Marketing agents

    -Can commit at least 2-3 hours daily

    - Reliable - Independent

    - Dedicated - will recieve training (experience is an asset)

    - SL Work Ethic

    Pay will be discussed upon interview For more information and to recieve an application Please Contact Myself Milyn Dijoune' DiLaurentis (animebitch Resident) or Jenelle βarrowstone Ɖʌƨh (jenelleayeisha Resident)

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