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  1. Hi My name is natish, I am wanting some family members for a royal house. Roles as Princess, Prince, and guards or slaves. I have a castle in which I live. if you want to know more IM ME. Natish Resident, Thanks guys and girls!
  2. Hence why I'm asking for a experienced helper. It is not up yet not bought. I'm looking for someone to help with a story with me for fun.
  3. Serious Inquiries only!!! Natish Resident.
  4. I'm looking so someone to help me start a RP with kingdom and peasants and such need help with story and all. If you wanna join or help just IM Natish Resident (Jayln Showers) You will also be apart of something great. I will start off with a decent portion of a Sim maybe a 1/4 sim. let me know Thanks, Natish resident
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