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  1. 5 hours ago, TDD123 said:

    Reading the log you contributed I'd say there' s nothing severe going on here : the viewer seems to get stuck in retreiving a texture at shuttingdown and from about line no 17 your system decides the viewer's thread on the CPU has to be closed and does so. It might be worth reporting a bug to the Firestom-devs, but I don' t think it' s critical since you experienced so yourself. 

    Agreed -- but there appears to be more need for testing, I was chastised for not being a beta tester.   But never really figured out what was entailed with becoming one.   This is so regular I can't imagine how it was missed.  Implication at the time I reported it was -- there were no beta testers. 

    LOL  At the time I first posted -- I did not feel very comfortable about so many Apple "do you want to report this" messages.  I just downgraded and now only think about it when someone like you reads the thread.

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  2. 1 hour ago, xxVi3perxx said:

    Its gotta be a Mac issue I have that even with logging out its annoying for sure I guess MAC isn't worth to use for SL anymore I lag a lot in high traffic sims the only I don't seem to lag at is my homestead rental. Apple makes crappy products in general thank god I am upgrading to something decent. 

    Really not about lag, I am running an Apple mini 3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7 -- with an AMD Radeon RX 5500XT - and the speed is just fine. 

    This post is about crashing on close.  High traffic sims will lag no matter what you run, if your graphics settings are on high. 

  3. I opened a ticket and received this response.  

    "We are aware of an issue that causes group invitations to sometimes fail unless both residents are online when the invitation is accepted. Our engineers are working on a solution, but we do not currently have an estimated timeframe for when this solution will be implemented. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
    In the meantime, you should be able to work around this issue by having both parties (the resident sending the invitation, and the resident who is receiving it) online at the same time when the invitation is accepted.
    Good to know and the work-around is not overly painful.
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  4. I have tested it on all viewers and it does not work.    Regarding why?  Only an  invite works if the group is not open to all.

    Invites only work right now if both parties are online.  I opened a similar discussion, never really got any responses that solved the issue.

    I have 4 groups and have sent invite for year -- this a new glitch, started a ticket on it.

  5. 2 hours ago, Anthony Blackwood said:


    Incidentally, friend requests work the same. If I am not online, I get the request, but clicking it does nothing.I asked someone who uses Firestorm and they said that they don't get either of these problems, so it seems to be something with the LL Viewer.


    This just started for me. But I can live with it.  I do use firestorm.   Might be a setting I screwed up, why I posted.

  6. Currently I can only invite another member to join my groups -- If I am on the same sim at the same time -- using either click directly on the other avatar, or start a regular invite.

    If I send out an invite, and log off, the member gets a dialog box, but clicking on "join" just clears the box and nothing happens.   I even starting asking for 1L so there would be another confirmation/ box.  

    I have tested it all over the place with different groups, and avatars (my alts, and friends) and remote invites never actually work.

    Any of the same experience?  Thoughts?



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  7. 2 hours ago, Aishagain said:

    All these crash reports refer to FS...is the same thing occurring with the latest LL viewers as well, because if it is , it's most likely that it is the EEP render changes that are the problem and as such it is LL's job to fix that code.  Since I run Windoze I cannot contribute to the bug hunt.

    Only FS   --   I could not reproduce it on the LL viewer.

  8. 12 hours ago, Tonya Souther said:


    I suspect it's scene-related, or something like that. For those of you who are having it regularly, are you always in the same sim when you log out? Better yet, at the same location, facing the same way?

    Certainly possible, but have only recently begun quitting where I am, rather than returning home (just a natural real world habit lol).    I have decided to skip this version.

  9. Running 11.2.3 Big Sur -- Firestorm produces an Apple crash report always - on close.     Submitted a Jira but got a snarky response from someone who was looking for Windows "sysinfo."  Gave up, closed the Jira.

    Wondering if anyone else has this -- and found a fix?   The good news is no kernel panics and seemingly no damage.   But I have stepped back to the previous version.   For anyone interested, included the first page of the crash report, see if it matches yours.

    Running on a 2020 Mini, with external Sonnet/Radeon video.

    Thanks all!!!


  10. On 3/6/2021 at 1:46 PM, LittleMe Jewell said:

    I forgot about that TOS specification.  I'd say that you definitely do not want to open a Support ticket and tell them you lied.

    Finally found a screen cap of the original sign up -- I used the right info.   And now that I think about it,  not being able to access this info is high security -- since someone with a password can't go in and change it all.

  11. I use two birthdays on the web, to avoid giving out financial information.    I have looked and looked and there seems to be no way to view, let alone change personal information.  Second life sign up fortunately does not involve your real name, so it is petty secure if you use an email without your name in it.

    Is there a way or should I open a ticket to find out?

  12. On 12/3/2020 at 5:32 PM, freddymalhouny said:
    Hello, this the answer from my support ticket...maybe it help someone
    Hello, freddymalhouny Resident
    Thank you for the additional information.
    The Engineers have found that Product Listings that have non ASCII characters in them are causing the issue. 
    If you remove any non ASCII characters from all languages tabs on the listing, you should be able to set the listing to Active without the So Sorry error message being generated. 
    The listing should still be set to Active even if the system generates the error message though. 
    You can verify this by viewing the Product Listing Sate on the Manage Listings entry for the item on the Marketplace web site. 
    Kind Regards,
    Dakota Linden

    I have removed all text from a listing and I still get the same error message.

    I have no idea what this means:  "You can verify this by viewing the Product Listing Sate on the Manage Listings entry for the item on the Marketplace web site." 

    What am I supposed to look at?   I just type normally using an Apple keyboard, I am not entering any non-ASCII that I would have any way to identify.   

    I reported this ages ago. #1629120

  13. Well thanks everyone.   

    It amazing that no one I talked to at Firestorm or Linden was social enough to have regularly entered rooms which were (edit: filled with) an enormous orange cloud.  But I have been involved with beta testing long enough to have known that coders were not likely to find themselves testing at crowded events.

    So the orange clouds are in a fact a feature which actually works pretty well -- if they were not bright orange.    Light gray perhaps with less density?

    So until Firestorm gets tired of looking like the viewer has released orange smoke grenades -- I will ignore them.     Solar Legion this is the first version I have been aware of the "cheeto farts." 


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  14. 12 minutes ago, Cindy Evanier said:

    Sunday morning I logged in to visit a friend.  There were 8 of us when I tp'd in and everyone was a cloud for maybe 20 seconds max before they all appeared completely normally.  Personally I prefer the cloud rezzing in than the flying mesh body parts.  

    Yes possibly this is a "feature,"  although the clouds seem to be white in the Linden viewer.    I find it odd since the orange cloud was always a sign of trouble previously.  What confuses me is that the "feature" does not seem to be widely known about --  among the firestorm reps.   I mostly posted to hear from people like you who have seen it in groups.  So, Thanks Cindy and Little me.

  15. Anytime I go to a crowded place on SL I see a storm of orange clouds.  https://gyazo.com/f4bbeb465b46329b1f720d68dad3077d   I am using the latest version of Firestorm 6.4.12 (63831), have a fast i7 Mac, with an external  Radeon RX560, and a 300+mps cable connection. 

    My avatar is always fine, but those around me are orange clouds as the rez.   Once they rez -- everything looks normal, but any new visitors are the same orange cloud for a minute or so, depending on the size of the crowd -and the lag.

    Everyone from Linden, to helpers at Firestorm, have implied that there is something wrong I need to fix -- and no one else experiences this.  No one else is seeing all this orange!   I have done the usual clear cache etc with no success.   Now Linden wants me to ping them and see if it is my connection, which seems unlikely.

    BEFORE I do that  -- am I really the only one seeing this?   I need to know if this is just the way avatars are rezzing now.   No other viewers do this, not the previous version of FS, and not the new Second life viewer.

    So  anyone?    Ideas?   A crazy setting I have screwed up? (click here to show clouds LOL) 



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  16. Using version  I am surrounded by orange cloud avatars.   They finally clear, but it is awful to look at until they do.

    I have reverted back to, and all is well.    

    I have never seen other avi's as clouds before (not old enough?) but it is really awful in a laggy sim.

    Is this Linden or Firestorm?

  17. When I try to edit listing I keep getting "The folder name failed to load. Refresh the page to try again."    The app fills in the item title correctly.   I have tried multiple browsers and the built in browser in Firestorm with no luck.   I did submit a ticket.

    But did not find anyone else reporting this.   Could it be something I am suddenly doing?

    Thanks for any thoughts....


  18. LOL, I am thinking on a much simpler version then you.   

    I am talking about using firestorm's setting under "movement" > "double click on land" > "teleport to a clicked point."   If that point is on a scripted surface it does not work.   The only solution I have come up with is to cover the scripted surface with an unscripted transparent prim.    This kind of TP is what one might use to enter a skybox that has no door.


    (edit) And yes I could of course create a landmark for the skybox once I am inside it.   How to get in is the question.

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