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  1. I tried to mark Fionalein and Lindal Kidd as answers. Fionalein explained why I wont get any answers, which was important information, and Lindal Kidd provided plenty of things I could do.
  2. I am just commenting and clarifying at this point. This might happen, but incorrect in this particular case. I read the comment on AFK idling before. The advice is not right. My main had been logged in for six years straight before this happened. Doing so is safe and non problematic. I have the private space and resources to do so with ease, and good reason too. The sim I idle on is private with very few visitors. The person who have been flagging and reporting me have been doing so obsessively for years. Nothing I change in my Second Life is going to change his behavior more than either me giving it all up completely, or me filing back reports on my own. I am also 100% sure its him doing it. He admitted he tried to do so. I know quite a bit about how he operates. Before he started this on me he smearcampaigned other people, making me believe he had been haunted and harassed. Once he turned he explained how he would 'get' me here in Second Life. I have a few theories myself on what grounds Linden had for banning me, but I cannot say for certain. The delay might either be because Linden work through a backlog where they are 5-6 days behind, without checking the date, thereby banning me twice for the same interaction. Or it might be that he managed to file a new report that somehow got successful. I can only speculate and I have no idea. My concern is if he reports someone else indirectly under my name, or reports me for entering one of the main sims when he is there, and he manage to get that ban to stick permanently.
  3. The big weird for me was the 3rd suspension. The first two suspensions came after trying to plead with the person. The third came 2 days after the 2nd suspension had ended, in the middle of the night as I was sleeping, after not doing anything but standing in my parcel, only responding to incoming IM's one unaffiliated friend each of the two days. After this happened and the 3 day ban had ended I started to keep my main character offline, hoping that the way he did his "reports" would fail if my main character was offline. Had I not stayed offline, I ran the risk of getting additional suspensions that got longer and longer, with the risk of a permanent ban.
  4. I think the question got answered, in regards to what I can do and why Linden doesn't explain why they ban people.
  5. Most of social media have the same issue, and people who specifically learned how to exploit this to their advantage. False DMCA claims were used frequently on youtube and on Facebook people teamed up in groups to file reports against the same person they didn't like. Things are getting better though and given 1-2 more decades, the internet services hopefully improved to better and better standards.
  6. A police would never do that, because there are a good quantity of the population, about 5-10%, who are prone to make false reports, and exploit authorities and report-systems as weapon. The police is trained to see these conditions and have routine that protects the real victim in these cases. Companies and sim owners are behind on these conditions and handle things as they see. When a self-destructive erratic person is out to get you and use false reports, smear campaigns, and rally people against you, they exploit biases and poison the well before you even go to it. Before I met the person who targeted me I had no idea how to defend myself against this. I did everything a normal person can do, and over time I ended up buying books and joining communities of people who fallen victim to the same situation. I am dependent on understanding how authorities sets boundaries in order to have my Second Life. Not to conduct "bad behavior", but to have my Second Life back to what it was prior to interacting with this person in the first place. If I had a spell that made him forget I exist, I would use it and get my Second Life back. Before I met this person I had a free reign to visit the premium sims that provided the content I was interested in, and I could explore freely and experience new things. After meeting this person he have been stating that I am in sims just to "stalk him" which I am not. He managed to ban me from several sims before I ever visited those places. For a long time, much of my Second Life ended up to be about him, forcing me to do things like checking if he is online before even daring to teleport around like I used to, because if he see me, he will use that against me. People advice me to get a new avatar, or to block him. The first is basically giving up the hundreds of thousands of Linden I invested and my entire social circle from years back and my trade, my sim and my Second Life, just to shield myself from the one single person who hold all the power. The latter have no effect. He have me blocked. The things he do he do without my presence. I also have little means of reporting him back, but I am checking the possibility to report the real life threats he made.
  7. I had no clue about them having a "no explanation" policy. They did even explain to me that they had a no explanation policy... At least I can stop sending them tickets. True. I have no idea now, making the ban effectively meaningless. That is a bit comforting.
  8. That is some valid advice. I have plenty of logs like that. Especially when it comes to exploiting real life information for genuine threats and blackmail.
  9. I wonder if there is anything else I can do at this point. About a month back I was banned from Second Life for one hour, then the week after that I was banned for one day. After I was banned for one day I no longer felt a wish to continue my second life. I felt that the joy, time and investment here had no guarantee and all my friendships and social circle here could be disrupted. I let my avatar stand idle in my parcel for two days, only to get banned a third time in the middle of the night (as I was sleeping) after having had no interaction with anyone more than casual responses to two friends for two days. I have a hunch who send these reports since I have had a Borderline friend who have smear campaigned me for four years and made my Second Life hell. Since we use the same sims at times, we are likely to pass the same places, but he got me banned on two sims I almost never visited and tried to get me banned on some mainstream sims as well. And now I am getting banned from the entire Second Life. I have tried most things at this point, but he is highly unstable and beyond reason. The e-mails I got sent from Linden state I was banned state I am banned for "harassment". A copy-paste statement that is particularly vague; "Violation: Harassment. Given the myriad capabilities of Second Life, harassment can take many forms. Communicating or behaving in a manner which is offensively coarse, intimidating or threatening, unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors, actions which are likely to cause annoyance or alarm are all deemed as forms of harassment". Nothing I done in Second Life fits a moderate interpretation of these sentences. I think he filed a harassment report when I tried to reason with him, asking him for a resolution. The 3rd ban happened after not doing anything in Second Life more than being logged in after the 2nd ban was applied. I have sent Linden tickets to get specific information about on what grounds I was banned, specifically. The first two times they sent me a copy-paste response where they stated that "Linden Lab just completed its review, at your request, of a disciplinary action taken against your account. Our investigation shows that the suspension of your account was correctly applied in alignment with the Second Life Terms & Conditions and/or Second Life Community Standards. You may review the Terms & Conditions in full at https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/second-life-terms-and-conditions. If any further information is required, Linden Lab will contact you regarding this incident. Otherwise, please consider the matter resolved." The third time the ticket was closed without comment. Without information I have really nothing to go on, and I pretty much just expect a fourth ban whenever. Right now Second Life just feels effectively over with nothing I can do about it. Is there anything I can do at this point?
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