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  1. Regarding the closure of the region Chouchou (Chouchou sim, Chouchou V sim) in Second Life, we'd like to report some progress. As a result of our discussion with Linden Lab, we made a decision to maintain our region by joining The Second Life Region Preservation Society provided by Linden Lab. And it is also decided that one of our sims, Chouchou XVI - The Babel - which was closed in 2013 will be back in Second Life thanks to Linden Lab's kind arrangements. 10223 Resident (Tofu), the staff of our team will continue to take charge of the management of all our sims. Please enjoy our region that will remain unchanged including the music and video effects. Right now, we’re in the middle of exchanging contracts with Linden Lab, and it's taking time for the contract procedures. We’re very sorry for the late announcement. At first, we were not going to change our plan for the closure of the region Chouchou because of a variety of issues that the region is encountering, but as we received many messages hoping for the survival of our sims, we came to a decision to maintain our region as it is and to continue to work to resolve these issues. However, there is a limit to what we can do. Please respect others with morals and help us to make the place better and comfortable for many people visiting there. Sincerely, Chouchou Second LifeのChouchou(Chouchouシム、Chouchou Vシム)リージョンの閉鎖について、進捗状況を報告したいと思います。Linden Labとの話し合いの結果、Linden Labが提供するThe Second Life Region Preservation Societyに参加して、地域を維持することを決定しました。また 、リンデンラボの親切な手配のおかげで、2013年に閉鎖されたシムの1つ、Chouchou XVI-The Babel- がSecond Lifeに戻ってくることも決まりました。10223居住者(豆腐)、私たちのチームのスタッフは、すべてのシムの管理を引き続き担当します。音楽やビデオのエフェクトを含め、変わらない地域をお楽しみください。 現在、私たちはリンデンラボと契約を交わしている最中で、契約手続きに時間がかかっています。発表が遅れて大変申し訳ありません。 最初は、地域が直面しているさまざまな問題のために、地域の閉鎖の計画を変更するつもりはありませんでしたが、シムの生存を期待する多くのメッセージを受け取ったので、私たちは決定しました私たちの地域をそのまま維持し、これらの問題を解決するために働き続けます。ただし、できることには制限があります。他の人をモラルで尊重し、多くの人が訪れる場所をより快適で快適なものにしてください。 敬具、 シュシュ
  2. このガイドラインがすべての貴重な地域の保存(または再開)に活用されることを希望しています。
  3. They said. We going to announce the final decision in the group at the end of June. Even if you contact it individually, there is not a meaning. It helps nothing. Thank you for your understand
  4. ※※※※LL talked with them. Please stop contacting it individually ※※※※※
  5. ※※※※※※※※      Dear All       ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ The addition of SIM to association of preservation must be added by SIM owner. We will wait for determination of SIM honor. The contacted to SIM owner was already done. ※※※※※※※※※※※ ※※※※※※※※※※※ ※※※※※※※※※※※
  6. Please forgive that I couldn't say the details.It's Privacy. I was merely waiting calmly (even I was asked by the friend, I couldn't to say anything) I'll write comment to his blog. We will leave it to LL from now. Our role is over. thank you everyone.  If LL brings cooperation for preservation. I want her to say ”yes.”  It's just my heart tweets  Good luck. •̀ㅂ•́ and・・・ you said "Don't say it ! " but I want to say. Thank you Kira. You are awesome my friend.
  7. OMG!!! He fulfiled a promise  I seem to cry!!! 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
  8. We hear that a person relevant to LL is going to do it. I can't say a detailed now. Please wait . I want to talk about ChouChou calmly with everyone.
  9. Thank you . Kyrah I can't say about the details.but I refer to it as one opinion.
  10. It is a wonderful article. The highlight of chouchou is written down thoroughly. I love picture too<3 I borrowed a comment field of your blog.
  11. Thank you for your precious opinion. I apologize with lack of my explanation. The close down is not only an economic reason. Anyway, the owner decided close down. we talking abut After an owner parted with land. We wish ChouChou the save by Linden As some SIM was saved by Linden, I know that it was reopened by Liden which some SIM closed more. I wish a thing same as it is applied to chouchou. However, we decided it at the time of first discussion. we want to convey our feelings to ChouChou. Our heart will not clouded even if it isn't realized. And this activity is free participation. The person who does not know ChouChou. It is natural that a person without memorable emotions for ChouChou thinks oddly. we want to entrust forum with a feeling. please forgive for my expression to be strange. because english is not a native language as me.
  12. I did not understand the way of the anchor (reply) and have made two blanks. I'm sorry.
  13. ここへの写真は1人一枚までの投稿で、お願いします。  Please post one photo per person if you give photo in this forum  Please post to this Group too (Second life official group) https://www.flickr.com/groups/secondlifeofficial/pool/
  14. ChouChou isn't just a SIM. A building in ChouChou is not Just a building. It is a great work of art. It is the "virtual historical heritage" ChouChou continued giving much inspiration to the resident who loved art. and Chouchou gave quiet peace and music for the person who seeks healing It is a big loss of Second Life to demolish it.
  15. The form that is sent from Linden Lab Support I can not enter I can not be described in the form. Form is they become gray, can not be typing. I have been re-try by changing the browser was unable to fill. Questions from Linden Lab, I have answersIn the remarks column. But Linden Many times to come send  the Only form to me   I, very, are in trouble. Plz help !!!!!!!!!
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